Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I'm crazy ya'll - totally losing it. It's almost 5 am and I haven't had a wink of sleep. I tried to go to sleep around 1 am but it wasn't happening, I laid in my bed for I don't know how damn long...like till 2:30 or something. F*cking lame man. LAME.

I got up and painted a little..god knows if it will be worth anything though. Now I'm just sitting here jamming to Stone Sour on my headphones. I have been obsessed with them since last week when I first heard them. They are a lot harder than the music I usually listen too, but it's been hitting the spot like you wouldn't believe..almost as sweet as sex. Maybe I say this because I've forgotten what sex is like? Quit laughing at me...dammit I have issues. hehe.

Back to Stone Sour hitting my sweet spot...

They got some wicked beats...all hardcore. I listen to them and all my pent up angst comes to the surface ready to play with some poor unfortunate soul that crosses my path. I'm not even kidding...GRRRRR...be afraid. {{{very afraid}}}

Unfortunately no one crosses my freakin path. What fun is that??

Gah. Anyway, pretty soon I am going to upload a few tracks to my media player and put it back in my sidebar - then you too will be able to bring out your inner angst to play... and together we will make this world an angrier place! Capeesh? You know you want too. Don't lie.

Back to my sleeping issue...

I've been like this a lot lately. My body wants to do this whole 24 hours up and 8 hours down thing..and I can't seem to manually correct it. I got up early today, thinking maybe by this evening I would have been tired, but no dice. It sucks because by about 5-6 pm tonight, my body/mind will be ready to collapse in on itself. Then I will get a good nights sleep, and then the next night be up all night again. It's a horrible pattern. I'm thinking I need to get some sleep aid or something. Tylenol PM? Gotta write that one down...

I bet I'm not making any sense as I write this either. It probably sounds all wiggity wiggity wiggity wack...

My poor brain cells need some rest. They are dwindling and losing the war of my stupidity.

So yah. Ending this for now. I will surely regret it in the morning.

Oh wait. It IS the morning. Righhhhht. $%@&*!^@%



Dwain said...

Man I listen to Stone Sour for a little bit and that would keep me up, for sure! I did like the words to the song I clicked on.:) Just the music was hard on these old ears.
Use to have the same problem and had to use some sleep aids myself.

Josh said...

I go through periods of the insomnia thing too. At least you get up and do something. I have stayed in bed for 4 hours at a time just thinking, which is always bad news. Tylenol PM never really works for me and the prescription stuff takes hours and then I feel like crap all the next day. I guess I should just drink a glass of wine, but then Id feel like an alchy. Good luck.

btw I like the pic on this post.