Monday, November 13, 2006


Last night my neighbor brought over some baked ziti because she had made too much and thought she would share..nice huh?

The only thing was that I've been on this vegetarian kick lately, and have been doing really well with not eating meat (except for fish). Basically for health reasons and other things I don't agree with concerning how most animals are brought to the dinner plate now days. Anyways, I don't preach, it's just a personal thing for me.

I totally gave in yesterday though. I've never had baked ziti, yet I've heard alot about it when I've watched the "Sopranos"...they seemed like they were always making it and talking about how good it was. So when she brought some over I couldn't resist trying some even though it had hamburger and sausage! Ah well..ya gotta live & my will is only so strong!

Can I just say that it was totally worth it?? Damn it was delicious.

I haven't totally went off the wagon, but I must was a nice detour. :)

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Dwain said...

It sure looks good. Do they sever this at that place you told me about? If so I may try it. I told Barb I was going to try something different when we go there.