Saturday, November 11, 2006

Veterans Day

OK, there is officially no more "mama drama" on this blog. I wasn't aiming at creating what I did, but it's a chance I took. I guess that's why more people don't say whats on their minds, you never know how it may be perceived. In retrospect I wouldn't have not posted it though, cause I would rather be honest with how I feel than pretend that every things ok and be fake.

I remember a long time ago I gave my birth father an ass chewing in my sister's defense because he had said some things I didn't agree with and was overreacting to the situation that was going on. Anyway, as you saw..I can give a good ass chewing! So after I wrote him I was expecting World War III, I just knew there wasn't anyway he wouldn't come back with a retort of some sort. Well, I was wrong and the next reply he sent me didn't hardly say anything at all, it said something like:

"Your right. I'm sorry, you've made me think about things a little differently"

Something like was short and too the point. Anyway, I read it and sat back in amazement. I was instantly ready to give him a second chance when just 30 minutes prior I had thought it was the end of our relationship. It caught me off guard, and definitely earned some respect from me. Not many people in this world are open to hearing when they are wrong, or to hearing the other side of the story, they are usually to busy thinking of their own defense. the problem with doing that is that it's impossible to ever learn anything about yourself if you don't listen to people once in a while.

Anyhow, enough of that for now!!

Happy Veterans Day!

Have you thanked a soldier today? I'd give one a big hug and kiss if I could :)

I actually got something in the mail today that I thought was really cool. It was a package that had a letter, a Certificate of Appreciation, and a lapel pin that said "spouse" over the army's logo.

The letter was really nice, here's a small section of it:

"Ours is an Army of tradition. Our greatest tradition is selfless service to our country, and in that service we ask our Soldiers to carry out tough missions that take them away from home and family. Today, soldiers answer the call to defend us against new kinds of threats. Deployments have increased and frequency and length in order to maintain our commitments to freedom, to our way of life, and to the American Family. The Nation has no choice. The Global War On Terrorism is one that touches us all - and one that we must win.

As Soldiers serve, the support of families sustains them so they do what must be done to protect our freedoms. Our nation would not have the service of Soldiers without your support and patriotism. You make a difference to your Soldier and to your country."

Nice huh? I thought it was pretty neat. I'm not sure why I got it, or if every Army spouse got one today, but it's cool either way.

I scanned the Certificate of Appreciation so you could see it. For obvious reasons I faded out where our last names were. Click on the pic and have a look though, it's a nice one.


Anonymous said...

That is really cool! I have always thought they should show some type of thanks to spouse. Mainly for putting up for all that the military can throw at them. I mean the spouse isn't in the military, but has to follow by the same rules. So I really like hearing about this, I think it is a step in the right way for the military and families! Also if you read this Andrew, I want to thank you sir. Keep up all you hard work it is much appreciated, also hang in there and stay strong!!

Dwain said...

That is very cool, Al my brother talks about how spouse's go through hell too and need our support. Not only thank a vet, but a vet's spouse would be appropirate don't you think?