Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Response

Some people just don't get the point. The last thing I thought I said was that I was TRYING with what I could for now. Dyslexia you think?? Cause she thinks I said I wanted a good-bye from her. Ummm. ok.

Here is what she posted in her blog. Good luck on understanding it.

"I guess you want a goodbye......
I tried and that is all I can do and what you have its ok with me .. I am not going to beg for any thing from you i just wanted to start someting . But i see that is not what you wanted.. That is your lose I am a good person and yes we all have our fault you do too and everyone does so just do whatyou feel what you think is best for you . I will always have love in my heart for you but if you dont want it thats ok.. You have to deal with that in your own way.. I never said that i was perfect and yes i did have to put you in the children home and talked to you about that .. Your dad was drunk and didnt want to deal with any of this and when he got that way he beat me and that is some that no child needs to see he was in fault as well so keep that in mind an d may GOD be with you in this.... I am not going to let this end my life I do have other children that do love me and grand children too and i am great person once someone gives a chance to someone... So say what ever you want to say about me because i dided it and you didnt so you dont know the whole truth. You are getting one side of it and that is fine if that is what you want i am not going to make you hear me if you dont want to .. And to let go for what happen to me and the things i went thur there will never be any chance for HIM to get in this life and what he did God what is due to him... So hate me is that is what you want to do .. But you can never take what is in my heat for you so .. THis is the end until you decide what you want to do with me and if that is nothing so be it .. I will leave you alone and hope you have a wonderful life and take care of your children and just live each day and smell the roses and take care ...
MY love is there if you ever want it... so i guess this is the end and have a good life and I am sorry that your life was such a Fuck up but you arent the only on on this earth that has been thur shit ... This is the end of this and i wont let you commment on this you know my email address if you have some thinkg to say let me knot there is shouldnt be on the the blpog for everyone but if that is what you want to make me look so bad ok and i am just going to let you know what all you think you know just remember there are aallways tow sides to a story.. good luck in life and my God be with you"


If that doesn't make you feel proud of where you come from then I don't know what will!!!

jeeze louise, somebody get me a drink.


poody said...

Glenda I am so sorry. I know this hurts you. You are a good person with a lovely family.Truly. I know how dysfunctional a family can be and feel we share the problem of being abandoned by our moms. Do not go down that know what I mean where you let these barbed words of hers get to you and then you start to wonder what you did wrong.You did nothing wrong she is trying to lay a big guilt trip on you is all this soounds like to me. Hold your head up and be proud of the life you have made for you and your family. I wish I lived close by. I would come over and give you a BIG HUG!! Hopefully, she means what she says and you will not hear from her for a while. Now, put a big smlie on your face and go out to face the world.It's Vetrans Day!!

deawn said...

Don't go that low, really. She was up set I bet. Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

I have to say, if you think that G is sitting there with hurt feelings and in need of comfort in the form of hugs; you are mistaken. She IS a good person and does have a good heart, but she truly does feel (look, I am telling everyone how SHE feels, but folks don't seem to have the connotation figured out yet) aggravated and annoyed when you attempt to tell a person something important and the point does a high speed fly by past the intended recipient. To compound things, in the confusion of all those big words, it is somehow misinterpreted as "I hate you", "you fucked me up", and "I never want to talk to you again"; which was not even hinted at in the previous posts. It is an obvious sign that someone cares when you will spend the amount of time it takes to make posts that long to try to correct a fouled perception of a pretend problem. Unfortunately, many people aren't capable of realizing that there may be an actual problem with themselves, and digesting the simple advice of there loved ones is the last thing on there list of things to do. The truly sad part about this situation is that G has put the instructions to a good relationship with her on the table, but instead of following them, certain individuals want to harp on the past and attempt to prove somehow that certain things that they feel guilty as hell over aren't there fault. The thing is, things that happened 20, 25, and nearly 30 years ago...don't freakin matter, and G honestly doesn't care. It is over. One can't fix it. One can't erase it. One just has to get over it and go on with life. Instead, it has become the foundation for someone’s miserable life, which is in an unbreakable cage of denial, self-loathing, and self-pity. Sometimes it does a head good to hear someone else’s perspective on things; which in my opinion, was dished out straight forward as an effort to build something with someone, but no. In our world (G and I), there isn't time to get hung up with these sorts of dealings. If it is true what the response says, if the love is truly there; then do something to bridge the rift that is beginning to form. Try to live in the moment, because again, all that old shit doesn't matter. If all someone can bring to a relationship is bitterness and drama, that relationship isn't worth having. And finally, if you are going to wish luck and Gods presence on someone; for Pete’s sake learn to forgive and forget, fuck. That is enough for now. Hopefully G doesn't get to upset with me for attempting to speak for her...she hates it when people put words in her mouth...this I know is true! Peace out.