Wednesday, January 24, 2007

So tragic

A lot of soldiers from the 10th mountain/3rd Brigade combat team have been returning to Fort Drum the past few weeks. Just today 200 soldiers returned...which is always nice to see. But then today we hear on the news that some of the soldiers that came back today will be going right back to Afghanistan within the next few days and that their tour has been extended another4 months! Them and a lot of the soldiers that thought they were days from American soil will all be extended. 3500 total.

It's a damn shame. To me it's one thing to be sitting over in Afghanistan and get your heart broken when you learn you won't be coming home as soon as you thought...cause it's sad...but it happens alot. Andrews first tour in Iraq was extended and he ended up being out there for 14 months instead of 12. It sucked, but I think I would rather have it that way, then to have gone to a re-deployment ceremony and been so happy to have him home again....those ceremonies are can't imagine. Dads seeing their babies for the first time, every one is so emotional, including all the kids who missed their mother/father so much. And then to learn later that night, after you thought you were home for a while, that your going to be on the next plane back? Oh man. That's enough to throw in the towel and take the consequences if you ask me! It's got to be so hard on them...I truly sympathize.

Andrew isn't in the 3 rd Brigade, so hopefully it doesn't happen to him. I will be crossing my fingers. I know he would be pretty tore up if it did get extended till June. Not too mention me. I've been falling for months's the last thing I want to hear. So here's to the 277th Aviation Support Battalion making it home as scheduled! Positive thoughts people....positive thoughts...

And sorry if I sounded like I was having a pity party in my last entry about thinking I was boring. Maybe the word is dull? I dunno. I can be interesting....if your the kind of person who likes to take some time to get to know someone. I just don't wear it all on my sleeve, so I think sometimes that works against me?


Bob said...

Having served in the military I know well how it feels to be miles from home . . . and then let down when plans to go home are cancelled.
The loss of 3,500 further underscores the importance of placing the ball in the court of the Iraqi's and Afgan's and letting them run with it. Further loss of American life seems so insignificant. I firmly support our troops and how proudly they've served America. More importantly, a growing percentage/number of Americans want our troops home where they belong. Let's get all of them home.

Papa Watson @ Blogger

Dwain said...


Hope that is positive enough. Know Barb and I are here for you any time baby. Your blog put tears in my eyes cause I feel what you must be going through I think. Why? Cause I love you, all of you so much.

I fully support our troops and the familys at home waiting on their safe return. But we can not give up on this war. I think it would be a big mistake for much more and bigger things like 911.

So please don't ever throw in the towel, you got support any time you need it here in Kansas. And one day, hopely soon, it will all pay off for you.

Andrew said...

About the stay home part...yeah right. I wish. I wish things were that simple. Guess I will just leave it at that. Thanks for the thought though.