Thursday, January 25, 2007

-25? Seriously?

{{{{Brrrrrr}}}} Doesn't quite cover it. It's -5 degrees outside now, and dropping steadily for an expect low of -11 tonight, with a wind chill that will feel like -20 to -25 degrees. Now thats cold! We have a "severe weather warning" out until noon tomorrow, just because of the wind chill, that advises if you go outside to have all of your skin covered. Bring out the ski-masks! Geez louise...

Wednesday we had a lot of snow, we got around 14 inches in less than 4 hours...oh's the "Lake Effect" - the snow flakes were freakin huge!

So yeah, NY doesn't play around with winter! Oddly enough I still like it here, even with all the cold and snow. I might be needing to get my head checked soon! haha

My neighbors (the ones living upstairs) are the BEST though - her husband plows my driveway every morning, and the other morning he even plowed out a good size square in my back yard so the dogs could go to the bathroom without getting lost in all the snow. How nice is that? Maybe I should just marry them both? hehe


Anonymous said...

Enjoying New York? Cant say I didnt warn ya. We New Yorkers are a bit insane. Isn't the white stuff great? -25 windchill is bad when you're waiting for your bus at 6:30 in the morning and the bus is running late because of i dont know....snow!!

Hey Glenda way to email me back!!!

Anonymous said... so glad im not in school anymore and can stay in my nice warm bed

Glenda said...

I'm loving New York! :)

That WAS an awesome email wasn't it?!?!

Ok, you know better...sorry - totally putting it on my "to-do" list for this weekend!

Glenda said...

oh - and with this weather..I bet you are pretty thrilled that you can stay in bed longer! I know I would be!

I live in a black hoodie (around the house) keeps me warm, cause no matter how high the heat, I still feel a draft coming from some where! :)

Anonymous said...

so in my spare time...i figured out relatively how far away from me u are....u are a lil over 2 hours away from me. In case you dont just outside of rochester ny and thats along the south shore of good ol lake ontario. **Reminder** in summer time avoid swimming in lake ontario...theres several reasons u can ask me for later