Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

"Santa" was very good to the girls this year, so this morning was a lot of fun. We got woke with a call from Andrew, which was awesome. He only gets 10 minute "moral calls" so we didn't get to chat long, but he was on the phone long enough to hear Taylor's reaction from her presents from Santa, and also hear them both open up the presents he sent home for them.

"Santa" got Taylor a Nintendo DS that she never thought she would get, plus a few games for it. It was all tied together with ribbon and set near the tree. She literally started shaking when she saw it..I swear she was about to cry! Andrew got to hear her reaction too..which was really nice.

Taylor got a lot of other really nice things, but all day she's just been repeating how she can't believe she got a Nintendo DS. I asked her "what about all your other cool presents?" and she said.."I'm in shock mama! I knew I was good this year..but I didn't think I was THAT good!" - She's too funny. Right now she is playing Sims 2 on the computer because she also got an expansion pack for it, and she loves dressing up her sims and making them look all fancy and taking them out shopping. She is such a girly girl! I have no idea where she gets it..cause she didn't get it from me!!

While she's been doing that I've been toying around with her DS - and man..that thing kicks ass! She has Super Mario 64, and it's almost identical to the Super Mario game that was on the Nintendo 64, and I used to love playing that game. Needless to say, if I get bored while she's in school I'll be picking it up! Haha, well probably not too much. Audrey doesn't let me get bored to often.

Speaking of Audrey, she is in heaven too. She wants to put half of what she got in the water's funny. Oh, and she wanted to get in it, and was pretty dissapointed that wasn't going to happen. I took some good pictures of her playing with it and a few other toys, so I'll have to post them a little later.

So all in all it's been a good day. It hasn't felt quite as good as I was hoping for, because I was hoping to be so distracted with things I wouldn't miss Andrew not being around as much. Unfortunately the more cute moments I see, and as I begin to cook dinner for tonight, it just really makes me sad that he's not here to see it and enjoy this day. To say that we "miss him" is a gross understatement. ..but let me get off that subject before I get too emotional!

I need to check on the turkey and I don't want to dry it out so I better go! (yes, I said TURKEY! It's a free-range..and not a I caved!) It should be a scrumptious dinner..yummm.

Once again..Merry Christmas!!


poody said...

oh I hope you all had a grand day! Love to you all and as always my prayers and thoughts to Andrew as well. Thanks Andrew for all you are doing over there!

thethinker said...

I thought I was the only one who remembered the days of Nintendo 64 and Super Mario. I still wish I'd kept my Super Nintendo.

Happy Holidays.

Tiger said...

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

And now, a Happy New Year too!

Miss you...