Friday, December 29, 2006

Sharing The Wealth

Wow! Is it Friday already? Damn, time flies. I've been so busy I lost track of the days there for sec.

Ha. I wish.

I've got a bottle of good wine and I'm looking forward to sitting in my recliner, playing the DS/reading a book/watching a movie and bringing in the New Year with Taylor. I hear it's the trend now days. ;)

My mother-in-law bought me THIS COOL BOOK for Christmas, and I'm learning all sorts of interesting facts from it. Like how after you poop you shouldn't wipe your butt with toilet paper, but instead with flushable wet wipes LIKE THESE. The book asked what you would do if you got poop on your finger. Would you just wipe it off with toilet paper? Probably not, right? So it said you should give your butt the same respect. It's better for hygiene.

You wanted to know that didn't you?? hehe. So goes my life. Come enjoy me in my suffering.

It is a good book though. You should look forward to me sharing more interesting stuff in the future as I learn more from it. I have more cool facts now, but I think I'll work it in slowly..I don't want to overwhelm anyone, hehe.


Dwain said...

we have used wet wipes for years now. Very interesting book you have there, can't wait to hear more.:)

TC said...

Let me know when you get to the chapter on tampons.

Glenda said...

Why? You on the rag again? ;)

I haven't found that chapter yet, but when I do, I'll be sure to fill you in.

poody said...

LOL as long as you remember wipe front to back you should be OK says the nurse in me!