Sunday, December 24, 2006

T'was The Night Before X'mas..

Well it's almost 11pm on Christmas Eve night and the girls have been in bed for about an hour, but as of 10 minutes ago Audrey was still getting out of bed and creeping down the hall inventing silly excuses for why she was up. I'm hoping she'll stay in bed this time and go to sleep because I still have a few presents to wrap and even more to put under the tree before I turn in.

I can't wait until tomorrow morning and both of them have new toys to entertain them. They have been driving me up the wall and Audrey needs some more age appropriate toys. She has outgrown a lot of what she has now and doesn't even look at half of it anymore. Tonight I let them both open 2 presents, a pair of jammies and a toy. Audrey got a Melissa and Doug wooden tool box with all kinds of cool things to tinker with, (pictured above) and Taylor got a gameboy game from her Nana. Tonight became a lot more peaceful after that!

A lot of what I bought for Audrey was Melissa and Doug stuff, if you've never heard of them, they offer a lot of classic toys that are sturdy, mostly made of wood, and they come at a very good price.

Anyway, I know she'll be more than entertained tomorrow, so I can't wait!

Now if she would just stay in bed, I could get on with things! She's been up 3 times since I started this post. The turd. I also have a water play table I need to set up before I go to bed, so she needs to go catch some z's so I can start working on putting it together..I'm hoping it's pretty easy.

Oh, and at the moment I am watching "Love Actually" ...which I have on DVD and absolutely love. It's a great movie for the holidays and always lifts me up. It will do a good job of keeping me awake while I wait for the girls to fall in a deep slumber. I miss the days that they had their bedrooms upstairs..let me tell ya. Having us all on one floor really cuts out some privacy.

Anyway. I hope everyone out there is having a nice Christmas Eve, and has a Merry Christmas! I am going to make the best of it and make a delicious breakfast for the girls and I, and have a nice traditional dinner. I will miss Andrew sorely but there is also so much to be thankful for and enjoy, that I won't let it be a bad day. We have 2 beautiful girls, a pretty Christmas tree with lots of presents underneath it, good food, nice things...and the list goes on. Not too mention Andrew will be home in about a month and a half!


Anonymous said...

Alright you little Elf let's get those toys put together!!! I myself am doing the same with one of Seth's gift. A table for his Thomas the Train Sets. I bet Audrey will love the tool set, Seth has the same one and like the tools with it right now. Anyways, I better get to work for Santa!! Also keep you phone close tomorrow, we are going to give you a call!! Later head Elf!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there woman! Merry Christmas! Almost! Like Damon said, Seth has had that tool box for quite a while and LOVES it. He has several different screw drivers and goes around the house "fixing" things..too cute. Way too damn smart for his own good. He knows to put the end of the screw driver right on the screw of whatever and tries to get it to work. Then gets pissed when it doesn't work and goes to find Damon's real ones. He also has a lot of other Melissa & Doug toys. I just ordered him a locks and latches box for Xmas and 3 different puzzles from them. He has one puzzle already and thinks it's great. And the beads that you string. They have great products and I usually can find them at TJ Maxx at a really great price. Ok, now that I have rambled...hope you all have a great day tomorrow!

Glenda said...

It would be awesome to see those two (Seth & Audrey) together with their tool boxes..hammering and screwing nuts and bolts together, would be cute.

I just discovered Melissa and Doug stuff a few months glad I did, they have awesome stuff, don't they? Audrey also got some of their magnetic dolls with clothes, a abacus, and some wooden letter puzzle thing.

Anyway, I hope you guys have a great Christmas too, and we'll look forward to talking with you! Thanks for the comments!!
Love you!