Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Can bloggers go too far?!?!?!

The other night I was bored and clicking on the "next blog" button on the top toolbar. So, I'm clicking away, because more than half of them were in a different language, until one caught my eye (it was english, and it wasn't written by a pre-teen). Anyway, it was some middle aged dude, and I was reading his latest post, when all of a sudden he started going into how when he was out recently at Target with his kids, he had an "accident" and shit his pants while having a big sneeze??

WTF? Over.

Apparently he has a problem with his bowels, and he went into how he bought new underwear while he was in Target, and changed at a local rest stop. And how this happened the last time he was at Target.


You needed to know that didn't you?? Yeah, me too.

This is my first "official" clue that blogging has gone too far.

I mean, NO ONE wants to hear about that kind of stuff..with possibly the exception of doctors, who can help solve your problem. Or possibly your spouse..but even then, it's tricky. Even your own parent's - they don't want to hear about's just not RIGHT to do that to someone. Then, let alone, unleash your story upon an innocent blogger, as you share it with the whole world.

Because everyone really wants to know about you shitting your pants?? Honestly? What's going through your head at that point? How about this : just say your trip to Target was "shitty"...but don't go into details, that way you get it off your chest, but haven't grossed out your readers in the process. hehe. That's an option right?

I mean I have a huge problem with my bowels too, but usually I just say I've had a "crappy day" or I'm "really pissed" -- You know, because I look out for my loyal

Ok, seriously..

Sometimes things are better left inside your head. Don't you think??

Is there no discretion anymore? Anything having to do with bodily functions should really not be said, especially if it's not even meant to be funny, or sarcastic..and just an actual real account of how you crap your pants.

I feel for you dude, I really do..but please, NEXT TIME.. SPARE ME. ;)


Sven said...

That was funny!

Look at the bright side, if he hadn't written about his shitty experience you wouldn't have written this hilarious rant.

Well done.

Glenda said...

haha, very true..always have to look out for the bright side ;)

Liz said...

You are so right. I've read another blogger guy's story that was very similar, minus the sneeze. I think guys think that stuff is funny.

The next blogger button is like putting a coin in a slot machine. Most often you get zilch.

ksboy50 said...

I agree with sven. It may have not been something one should put out there but you took it and man did I lol.:)

Sarah said...

Hilarious post! I agree with you... NO ONE wants to know about that kinds of stuff! You just don't talk about it!!

I have to admit, I did enjoy reading your take on it... Very funny!!! Keep up the good posting!!

The Masked Stranger said...

gross!! and u shared it with me?!? a loyal blog reader of yours?!? seriously tho its true its goin too far

poody said...

ok so the next time you say you had a crappy day I will know what you really meant LOL

Anonymous said...

You just did the same thing that you're complaining about by sharing his story. The EXACT thing.

Glenda said...

Well yes, I know this. But the difference was that I was doing it in jest..and that poor fellow was just confessing his woes. ;0