Friday, March 24, 2006

Easily entertained

Tonight is the concert! I'm pretty stoked, I mean I'm actually getting out of the house, which is rare now days. And on a weekend too??!! Hold on to your seats folks..

Last night I had some wine, got totally buzzed and painted a picture. The pitiful thing is I think it is my favorite to date..and I painted it while I was tipsy. hehe

Hmmm..I might have to start a trend there ;)

Anyway, I'll post it a little later on..cause I just know everyone is as excited as I am about it..or maybe not -- but I'll pretend you are. (it helps my ego)


OK here it is....enjoy & have a great weekend everyone!


Sarah said...

Hey, I am looking forward to seeing your newest work of art!

Don't fool yourself... you have some wonderful art and I'm sure people like seeing it as much as I do!

Glenda said...

Aww, thanks Sarah. It's truly appreciated!

Sarah said...

Love the picture! I wish I had the inspiration and talent to paint... You should sell your art on eBay. I bet you would make a lot.

I would buy your paintings!! :-)

deawn said...

I so love the picture, so whats the price??

Glenda said...

I'm bringing it your way sis :) Call me about Sat. - I have a new number..sent it to your work if your not at work, get it from Dwain :)

Love you!

Dwain said...

Hey I saved all your art in its own file because I am not only proud of you but I like it all. Now some of it I don't get, but I like.

poody said...

This is just beautiful :D

Josh said...

I really like that one. It reminds me of people dancing around.

Maybe the booze gets your creativity flowing.

Anonymous said...

i have 1 word....sweeeeeeeet

Glenda said...

Thanks everyone for the nice comments. It's my sister's now, and we changed the name because I wasn't totally happy with it, so now its "neverland"

Anonymous said...

oh man. this is my favorite postal service song! i am just sitting on your site listening to the song. haha. lovve it. and that painting is awesome. i love love love the title of it. it fits it very well.
i had an awesome time at the concert too. thanks for taking us.
love you!