Tuesday, March 28, 2006

And we're off!

Mat Kearney
My gorgeous sisters in law Linsy & Blair, waiting for the concert to start

The concert was BEYOND words. It was a quaint, small setting and we sat at a table in the balcony, that had a great view of the stage. So we just sat there and chilled..jammed. Awesome I tell ya.

This dude, Matt Kearney, was the opening act. I'm his new fan. His first song was "Bullet" and it was so sweet..and I'm such a sucker for those things that I just wanted to take him home. Seriously. Not to mention the talent..

He has a site where it plays his new album, "Nothing Left To Lose", which releases on April 4th...if your interested, GO HERE, and check it out!

Moving on, next up was The Fray, and let me tell you, these guys are great live. They are one of those bands that sound even better live..not that you had any complaints listening to them on CD! The lead singer commanded your attention with a powerful voice, and the band was right behind him making it even better. He also did a lot of jamming on his piano, which was truly awesome.

It was so awesome that I didn't even take that many pictures. I took some video on my cam of it, but it sounds crappy because it was so loud. Linsy took some footage and pics too, so I'm anxiously awaiting her to forward them to me!!

Anyway, it was a great night and the best $12 I'll ever spend, that for sure!

Sunday I also saw my sister Deawn, it was a short visit, but a nice one. I got some cute pictures of her little one..she is just too cute. I tried to post a picture of her up here, but so far it's not happening..so maybe later.

I am off to such a SLOWWWwwwww start this week..it's pitiful.

Ahhh..here we go: Ms. Mazzie Marie

(totally zonked after having a bottle)

About to stick her tongue out at me..

Even babies have to have thier vice...hehe


Josh said...

Awww... the baby pics are so cute. I love them with their little pacifiers.


poody said...

sounds like a good concert. I love music. The baby is cute too