Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mario to the rescue!!

Today I bought "Super Mario Sunshine" for my gamecube. I've wanted it forever, and this week I'm just bored enough to buy it. It's supposed to be here tomorrow. Yay!

I think I'm starting to get into my moody part of the month.....Earlier today I was watching an artist spotlight of Kid Rock on VH1, and it made me cry. Like when his little guy friend died..it was so touching. And when his dad finally said he was proud of him, and was choking up as he said it..oh man, I so lost it.

Not to mention last night....when I watched the Sopranos and poor Tony was there in the hospital bed with breathing tubes down him. Down right depressing & it reminded me of my dad. Anyway..they need to bring Tony back. I like my "alpha male" dang it!

So either it's my hormones, or TV just has a lot of sad stuff on it. I'm betting the latter.


TC said...

Kid Rock makes me cry too. But for different reasons!
Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

i know what you mean. i am in my bitchy/emotional stage right now. im not really sure why though. maybe because it is spring break and all of the people i hang out with are in colorado and i am stuck in lees summit. boo! but its cool. the only thing i am looking forward to is friday. it needs to get here so we can party! haha. but seriously. by the way if you were thinking about coming on thursday....im not sure you would really want to. i mean you can but blair and i will be working all day so you would get to spend the day at my house with my dad sleeping after he gets home. too bad his whole schedule had to ruin pretty much everything but oh well. see you soon! and get into a better mood cause we are going to see the fray!!!!
love you!

Anonymous said...

i think my aunt bought me super mario sunshine and i only play it when my lil cousins are around because otherwise i feel like a 5 year old....have fun with it

Glenda said...

Nothing wrong with feeling like a little kid..especially when your someone approaching 30! hehe

I can't wait. It will be here some time early evening, and from that point on I will be in my bed, upstairs, and having a date with Mario..

did I mention I'm not even good at it? I was decent at the old Super Mario World, on the 64..but the new version with the 3D stuff confuses me a little. (I used to work at a youth center..and got paid to play games..it was awesome!!)

It kinda makes it more fun though..like when I accidently drown him because I can't figure out how to get him out of the water, hehe.

poody said...

OMG I know what you mean. It is ok to be sad sometime. I bought the new Barry Manilow(I know) CD and I was listening to it on the way to work this morning and he was singing Are You Lonesome Tonight and I lost it.