Monday, March 20, 2006

Three Cheers For Friday!

Ok I'm not in a better mood yet b/c blogger is not cooperating with me today. I've been trying to update my art page for an hour now, and their upload tool is down and it won't let me put up any pics. Grrr.

Now I have to find something else to do..and I'm bored. BORED. And I have that attitude where I'd rather sit and do nothing then do something about it.

Bored & lazy - not a good combination (so my hubby says)

Friday needs to hurry on up and get here.


poody said...

HAHA Waiting for Friday on Monday. You need some chemical help. Better living through chemistry I always say:) I saw Constantine this weekeknd and thought of you. It was a little strangge but I love Keanu.My favorite is the Trilogy of the Matrix. I know he isn't that great of an actor but sometimes he surprises you. I loved him in The Devil's Advocate. I saw some good music from some unknowns this weekend. Free too. Even better. The weather here is sunny and 70's. Come on down and visit. How far do you think it is? Maybe a 12-14 hr drive? You could do that easy! LOL! I was in a Sex and the City bubble myself this weekend. I have been getting all the seasons from Netflix. It rained here some last night and there was a wicked lightening storm. Enough to knock my elictricity out so that I woke up to a blinking clock this morning at 7:45. I have to be at work at 8am. Needless to say I dodn't make it on time. Bummer:)

Glenda said...

Sounds like a plan!! hehe, I wish. I'm so jealous. If it was just me, I probably would in a second!

I TOLD my husband JUST TODAY I needed some prozac, so that's hilarious you say that..of course he said I didn't NEED it, he's no fun sometimes. Last night I was on the phone with him, and he told me I needed to sit down and have some wine (cause I was stressing)..I told him I didn't have any, and haven't all weekend, to which he replied "Well, there's your problem!"

He knows me so well sometimes, lol.

deawn said...

goodness I'm off the tell wednesday, maybe longer. Wish I could come hang with my sister and her kids. Mazzie is still spitting up more then she should. We go to the doctor Tuesday, so maybe I will have some anwsers. Love ya

Glenda said...

You could try putting a scoop of baby cereal in her bottle, but thats just a suggestion, I know it worked for Audrey, but every baby is different!

I know it's gotta be frustrating though. Been there sis.

Hang in there!

Dwain said...

There's a song they sing on a radio station in Topeka you could sing Friday.
" Friday,Friday,Friday" :)