Thursday, March 16, 2006

My Fart Monster

I've been in a real groove with painting ever since I said I wasn't in a groove. Go figure, but now I know what to say in case I ever get in a funk again? Is it ever that easy?

I got the 5th season of the Sopranos in the mail yesterday, so that's why I haven't been up to blogging much. I've been sitting my arse on the couch in the evening and chillin...and man, is my couch COMFORTABLE. Early this year we got some new leather couches, and they rock. It's rare I actually enjoy them though, because most of the time I'm sitting in the desk chair.

Last night I was in bed at 10:30, it's the first time in months I've turned in that early. I slept like a baby too, it was awesome. Unfortunately I don't think sleep has anything to do with my intellect, the more sleep I get, the less I seem to have to say. When I'm tired, rants come easily, so it doesn't make the most sense. I'm a much cooler person when I'm tired and hung over..hehe..REALLY..I am.

OKAY. Enough of saying nothing.

BTW tomorrow is St. Paddies day, as well as my dog Gatsby's birthday (pic above)..5 years ago I was driving across Germany to go pick up my little fart monster..oh the memories, hehe.

So Happy Birthday Gats!!


poody said...

Happy birthday little guy!! He is so cute. I love my little weenie dog too. she is staying with her daddies this weekend. I will get to sleep in! She is an early riser 630 or so. I love a perfect circle too. What movie is the video from? My big digs are getting used to the little one and they are very gentle around her. My cat however hates her and the big dogs too. She live sin puppy dog hell and has for the last 6 yrs. I too paint but I use acrylics and bright colors. Nothing as good as you though. But I always fell better once I get it out.It feels like if I can just get it out of my head and on the canvas then I can see it better ya know. I have been experimenting with different mediums too like 3D stuff to embellish some of the art. Hard to describe I will try to post some of it.

Dwain said...

Bring the birthday boy and his brother with you when you come this weekend ir you can as I'd like to see them and I'm sure so would my cats. :)

Glenda said...

Hey Mary! The video is from the movie Constantine, it's pretty gave me nightmares though, haha. I'd love to see some of your stuff. I'm working with acrylics too, but most of the time I water them down. I love how workable they are, you can play for days with them. The painting I'm working on now (almost done) is brighter than my average..I can't wait to share!

PJ'sPics said...

I never watched the Sopranos...but like the "Dog Whisperer" on TV. When I was watching it tonight, I was thinking how I miss my childhood dog. Happy B-day to your toot monster!