Thursday, February 16, 2006


Most of yesterday was spent lamenting about how to catch a MOUSE that was attempting to make it's home in my CAR.

The only way I can figure out how it got in there is in my daughters back pack..and that it hopped in from school. I've been giving her hell about her book bag for about a month now, and how she needed to clean it out, cause she had endless papers stuffed in there, crumbs leftover from treats she'd put in there from parties, and god knows what else. Actually, 2 weeks ago she asked me for a new bag, because hers was pretty beat up, but me, being the stubborn mom I am, I said no. She wanted one of the bags with wheels on it, and they run about $25, so I told her I wasn't going to buy her a $25 bag if she couldn't show me she can take care of the one she has.

So on Tuesday I pick her up from school, park my car in my garage..all is well.

Except one thing.

She left her book bag in my car.

(you might say - "Well, Glenda if she had brought it in the would have had a mouse in there, isn't that just as bad?" And my answer would be a blunt NO, N - O, and I have good reasons...just read on!)

Fast forward to yesterday morning. Taylor had been up and down all night with a tummy ache, and other icky problems, so I decided to keep her home for the day.

Well, around 3pm or so, we all got ready to leave to go to Walmart. I open the rear passenger side door to put Audrey in her car seat, and notice there's rubber shreddings from her arm rest all over her seat. Knowing Audrey though, I thought she had just been picking on it the day before, I frowned at it, but didn't really give it much thought.

Then Taylor yells, "Mommmma!! What happened to my bag?!?!"

"Huh?" ( I look in on her side of the seat and see pink shreddings from her book back everywhere)

"F********CK, there's a damn mouse in the car!!!!"

(Taylor runs away like a little wimp)

I took her bag out and saw something had chewed the hell out of the bottom of it. Then I looked around the car a little bit...

This little MF had been gnawing on my SEATS!!!!! I had a hole in my drivers seat, and a little one in my front passenger seat too!

I looked as good as I could for any evidence of the stupid mouse or shrew..whatever it was, but couldn't find it. I convinced myself that maybe it had moved on, and for the moment I'll pretend that until I go to Walmart and get a damn trap.

So I drove in the car with the damn mouse, got a trap.

(oh yeah, Taylor was in the back seat crying because I was making her sit in the car that had a mouse in it that could pop out and say "hi" anytime)

We get back around 6 pm, and I put some peanut butter ritz crackers in a little trap I got that doesn't kill them but traps them with a trap door. I just couldn't stand the thought of blood or anything disgusting like that in my car. Plus, I was hoping it was just a mouse but wasn't sure it wasn't something bigger...ack.

Ok, so now fast forward to 2 hours later. Glenda goes back out to the car to check on the trap.'s empty.

BUT MY SEATS!!!! Now where Taylor sits in the back are 4 little holes..fucking shreddings everywhere.

To understand the frustration of this situation, I'll fill you in about a few things:

1.) This is a new car! Immaculate!
2.) I'm also a very anal person about my car..I keep it clean, I keep it looking brandnew..I like it that way
3.) ME being that way really pays off in resale. It was half the reason why I got out of my new SUV a year ago, because we drove it in to the dealer looking "BLING BLING..not a flaw in it, looking better than most new cars you'll drive out of a dealership.

Now, I really don't plan on trading my Matrix in anytime soon, but that's beside the point.

SO yeah..the stupid rodent was really messing up my car, and I was crazed in my efforts to find it in the dark. The thing I realized though, was that even if I caught a glimpse of it, I would literally have to smash it and kill it..or catch get it out.


I had to stick my hand in the crack of the back seat
to get Audrey's car seat out, and my phone rang (was in my pocket) -- I jumped so high I hit my head on the door rim!

After I got the carseat out, I put down the back seats, got a broom, poked and prodded..shook the damn car. But nothing, not even a little stir.

Eventually I went back in the house ( it was soo cold last night) and just felt like crying out of desperation. I didn't know what to do, I just knew if that little MF had done all that damage in just a few hours..lord knows what I would have seen in the morning.

Glenda had a little mini-breakdown. All over a damn mouse.

BUT - to end this long drawn out story. Just for the hell of it I went out to check the trap around 12:30am - and apparently the little bastard had gotten hungry for something other than my seats, because as I went to pick up the trap, it was heavier and I freaked out..dropped it...and it flipped over.

Uggg. I eventually got over being a sissy and picked it up. It was a see-thru trap so I could see it's beady little eyes. Andrew said he would have slammed the little guy as hard as he could on the pavement..or got a big rock and just squashed it.

As mad as I was, I couldn't do that though. I had thoughts of just leaving it in the trap outside though, because it would have surely froze by morning. But I couldn't do that either. I ended up getting a long ass stick and pushing in the door so it could get out. When it first realized it could get out it just stood there, like trying to figure out where in the hell it was going out too. That's when I got impatient, and tapped it.

Then it ran across my lawn and dissaperared in the darkness.

So, I was thrilled that the stupid thing was out of my car, and I slept easier last night.

I have to go out there in a few and clean out the car. Cry over the damage. Disinfect it with pinesol..

Blahhh people. BLAH.


deawn said...

oh my goodness, I so would of killed it. I'm so sorry sis that it did that to your car. :(

Glenda said...

hah. The more I think about it, the more I wish I would have. My seats are screwed. Ahh well. It could have been worse. I have to pick Andrew up at the airport tonight..and I couldn't imagine having to drive all that way knowing there was a mouse in the damn car. Ewww. Imagine seeing it while you were driving on the highway...

Hmmmm. Not a good image, haha.

Anonymous said...

that is so disgusting. i would have to take like five million showers for just being in the same area as a mouse. that sucks about your seats though. i know how you are about your car. god. i seriously wouldve murdered the stupid thing. you are too nice. ha. but i would probably feel bad and end up doing the same thing you did. atleast we know you arent heartless. haha.
love you!

Anonymous said...

I know it not funny but they way you tell the story I laugh so hard. Not so much at it chewing things up put more of the catch of it. I am glad you got it out before it did some real damage because they really like wires and that would have really sucked. And yes I am going to post in my blog tonight, I am on midnights so I have a little more free time, I will email more!!! Good story sis!!