Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Let Down


It's almost 6 o'clock and still no flowers. Not even a card. Well, I did get an E-card from my birth father, Dwain, but that's not quite the same.

My man was thinking of me -- trying to get something that he couldn't find..or something like that. So the thought was there - it was the foresight that was lacking. I think he forgets the small things matter just as much. An email would have been nice...but ah well.

It's all cool though, cause Glenda went and bought herself a bottle of wine :)

It's almost guaranteed I will get on here later tonight with some weird rant that nobody will understand but me..hehe...sooooo - get ready. Hah.

1 comment:

PJ'sPics said...

inky send me an anti-valentines day card. im lame too, didn't even send mom a card..geez