Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My horoscope today

As a Venus-ruled sign, you Librans can feel the potential that's coming into your life. Whether it's true love or just a highly enjoyable interaction, joyous Jupiter is smiling upon you. But the good news comes with a catch. In order to receive the benefits of the moment, you'll need to relinquish control of your heart.

Huh? Relinquish control of WHAT? Ummmmm. Ummmmm.


ANYWAY - Happy Valentines Day everyone :)

I'm going to get my make-up on and showered early today and just sit around my house and secretly hope I get flowers or something. I've never gotten flowers delivered on Valentines Day, and I probably won't this Valentines Day..so don't ask me why I'm setting myself up for failure...but I can't help it. A girls gotta dream :)

(I've got this Italian boyfriend this year..and he is LOADED..so I'm thinking my chances might be good!! At the very least I think he's going to make me lasanga!! Yes ladies..be jealous.)

Hah. ;)

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