Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I need you closer..

I went to pick up Andrew at the airport Thursday night, he had a four day weekend, so he decided to take advantage of it and come see us! It was a great visit, but it's too bad it couldn't have been longer.

He left around 2pm yesterday for Atlanta, and Audrey was not happy at all about it. She pouted with the saddest little face for a long time while we were on our way back to Riley. I had to start singing the ABC's to get her out of it. Even Taylor was a mess after I picked her up from school. I just mentioned her dad said he loved her and got her a little something as a going-away gift, and before she even saw it, she broke down..had me crying. I told her she can't do that, it's not nice to make your mom cry..which got a little smile out of her. I think him leaving so much these past 3 years is really starting to get to her. It's getting to all of us really. I would just love to be together as a family again without having a set number of days until it was over and he was gone again.

So I'm sending cosmic vibes out into the world..wishing that exact thing. That once he gets out of school in Georgia, we will go to NY or wherever else and he will be able to stay home for at least a year without interruption.

The kids want their dad..
And I want my man.

Strong vibes...make it happen! ;)


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about all the sadness you all are having. Just try to look at the bright side of it all. He will be an officer soon, which has to be better for you all. I know that was one of my reasons for getting out of the Navy. I knew it would be hard on the family side of it all and I just try to always put family first. Anyways, get your head and those beautiful girls head up and everything will work out in the end!! Love ya sis!!

Anonymous said...

that sucks!! him bein gone all the time. I knew there had to be some reason why you havent posted anythin since thursday. I see its a valid reason...I was kinda missin my daily dose of Glenda. That would be sweet if you all moved to NY and he was home for a while... you and the girls need that.

deawn said...

Oh Sis I feel so bad. I don't want you to move away unless you get a year with out interuption with your man and your kids dad. I have also missed your post. Love ya!!

Glenda said...

Awww thanks everyone, your comments are truly appreciated.

Today Andrew has one final appointment with his branch manager, she's the lady who could change his assignment to Fort Drum NY. It's not that I mind NY, but the unit he's going to there is scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan only 4 weeks after we get there (Late June) - which is just a horrible thought.

Needless to say, I'm crossing my fingers on that one.