Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More Art

I decided to scratch the idea of having a separate page displaying my art; at least for the moment. It's too much trouble, and I'm too lazy, haha.

This past weekend my mother-in-law bought my "Composure" painting, and the 2 panel one that had a lot of red in it (now called "The Attic") she wrote me a check for $75 for both of them, which isn't too bad. I have yet to really make any money, but it helps in off setting some of the cost, so I was pretty happy about it.

I have two more to share, but it's frustrating me because all the pictures I take of them don't show very good detail because of glares and lighting issues. I need to learn how they do it on Ebay, the self-representing artists on there somehow take pictures of their work, and you don't see a flash, a glare, or anything.

I want to put some paintings up on eBay eventually, but before I do that I need to work on taking pics of them, and also design a "Certificate of Authenticity" that most paintings seem to come with. So it might be a minute before I get to it.

Anyway, so my last two are called "Java" and "Love's Massacre" - I'm sure it's not hard to guess which is which ;) The Java one is a deep brown but actually has some yellow/orange highlights you can't see that are in the background.

*UPDATE* - I read an article that said to take a picture in full sunlight, standing over your painting, and that it was the best way to get true color representation and all that. So the 2 pics at the top were taken that way, I think it helped a lot. :)


Dwain said...

How come I didn't get a chance to bid on your art? I really liked the one you said your mother-in-law bought, but guess is was not to be. How about the sun shine one?

deawn said...

I love all your art, and will just be happy to have one. I will pay you sis. love ya!!

DaMan!! said...

Now look what you have gone an done!!! Now you have a fan base and it is need of art, you better get busy!!! I do like the Mocha painting, it is really cool looking!! How did you make the perfect little squares? Anyways Picasso I better get going!!! Talk to you later!! Love ya sis!!

The Masked Stranger said...

I like both of fav still has to be the sunset one...did ur mother in law buy that one? b/c i might have to go oceans 12 on her if she did (oceans 12 because they stole artwork in that one)

Glenda said...

hehe..uh oh..don't go Oceans Twelve ;)

No she doesn't have that one, but my birth father has dibs on it already.

It's ok..don't riot. I can make another one :)

The Masked Stanger said...

ok long as i can have one....u can take your time.