Thursday, February 23, 2006

Must have CD

(if you like Marty Casey)

I finally checked out Marty Casey and The Lovehammer's new Cd...

It's awesome. Everyone should go out and buy it :) They are in KC on the 1st of March, but it's on a Wednesday, so I won't be going. Not too mention the price of the tickets, they are over $50. (it's because he's with INXS)

I started a painting last night..trying something new, and working on my "composition." I found a site where you can post your art for critique, and one person gave an awesome comment/lesson on the composition of a painting. She said if you look at a abstract painting, and your eye goes straight to the center, and just stays there, then it needs to be re-worked. So my new one is focusing a little on that and trying to get the eye to move around the painting, and add interest.

No one likes my "Love's Massacre" one, they say it's too busy..and it probably is, but I still love it, and that's what really counts. I just like what it stands for more than anything.

Back on subject..I'm trying something new, and it's kind of got me stuck. It's finished but needs something, but I don't know exactly what. Blah. Hopefully it will come to me.

Umm besides that, nothing else to mention right now. I'm watching Romeo and Juliet, the one that was made in 1996, and LOVING it.

Possibly more later? (it's a crap shoot) ;)

* Oh! I AM waiting to hear back from Andrews meeting with his branch manager. It doesn't look good. He thinks that no matter where we end up, he's headed for a deployment (for a year or more), so I'm waiting anxiously to hear the news..that is most likely bad.

I need to know how many bottles of wine I'll need tonight... ;) Or maybe I'll skip the wine and just pout on the couch all night? I dunno.

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