Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A shout out


Those were a great 2 hours of sleep. I won't sit here and complain though, I did have a say in the matter. So, no whining from me. Just a lot of senseless ramblings that will lose more people than it will find. ;)

Being understood by few means you must me really cool right? Oops, or maybe just stupid. Shutting up now...

I'd like to send a shout out to my own personal jesus, TIM. He's been working on saving me for a few days now (or is it weeks?). We have daily confessionals, drinking of holy wine...it's a very solid daily communion. Yep, I'm that special. I don't even have to throw anything in the offering plate :) actually, we had a very liberating exercise the other day where we threw the offering plate to the ground and as we listened to it shatter we envisioned tiny fragments of anger and resentment breaking apart from our mind and or souls, forever freed and no longer chewing at us from the inside out. It was awesome. Then we swept up the pieces and used them on a mosaic temple we are designing. In His honor, of course. Like I said..He's my own personal jesus, on a mission to save me and help me find the damn light switch. I don't know what keeps happening but the my light switches keep moving around..or maybe it's my walls moving? Got me. So at night it's hard to get around without stumbling. Luckily, TIM's been there, and He has this little laser light thingy off His key ring. It gives just enough light to feel your way successfully around the room without falling or stubbing your toe. He comes in handy..let me tell you.

Ok, now that I have everyone convinced I've truly lost it..I think I'll sign off with a mischievous grin. It's ok...your not supposed to get it. Thats the point. It's my way of telling you something...only not...isn't that annoying!? ;)

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