Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ho Hum

Gee, that last entry was weird huh? Maybe it had something to do with being so tired. Or maybe I'm just weird, which is totally possible ;)

Yesterday I visited my mom, it went really well. She seemed to be on good behavior, so I will enjoy that while it lasts. My birth father acutally lives in the same town as her nursing home, so they met each other for the first time ever too. They were both pretty nervous about it, but they seemed to get along just fine. It's funny how things come full circle sometimes.

Taylor was off for her first day of 4th grade today...whewwwww...I made it through the summer, yay! She wasn't as excited, but I know I was. It's so much quieter around the house so far. Gotta love it.

Thats the news for right now. I'm about to go get some groceries, my house is bare..and I am not exaggerating. It's been forever since I last went grocery shopping.

Sooo..anyway..this couldn't get any more boring, so I'll get off here until I have something a little more worth while to mention besides writing about grocery shopping :)

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