Tuesday, August 16, 2005

What isn't there to say? It's frustrating because I don't even know where to begin!

Let's go ahead and start with the small things:

1.) I'm freezing my ass off right now
2.) I need to remember to get more straws
3.) It's nearly 6 am, and I am just now getting tired

Ok, now that thats out of the way, lets get on with things.

I called my mom today; first time in over 3 weeks.

Did you know she didn't hang up on me?? (gasp!) It was all my imagination! (I hate when I get carried away like that)

Yep.. some lady came up and needed to use the phone and tugged on her shirt and went to grab it away from her, and then she dropped it.

Poor mom is the helpless victim again....her pants are on fire.

The conversation went well though. After she explained how I had everything all wrong, we didn't talk about much actually. I just told her I would come up and see her if she didn't mind.

So that's my lovely plan for tomorrow. Please cross your fingers for me and pray she doesn't start playing from left field again..

ALSO in the works -- Big Brother is OUT OF CONTROL. It's too much to go into, but to make it short, Kaysar will probably be gone this week, even though millions of people voted him back in the house just last week. The house guests are fighting, many viewers are saying they won't even watch the show anymore if Kaysar goes out this week. It's a mess.

Sunday my brother and his family came down to visit. He brought down birthday presents for my girls, and spoiled them both rotten..then treated us to lunch. It meant a lot to me. It's only the 2nd time I've seen him face to face...but strange as it sounds, it doesn't feel like it. It feels like we've known each other much longer. Anyway, it was nice to have some company, and them especially. He's got the cutest son, and a cool wife, and we gel quite well. You have no idea how awesome it was to talk to the hubby on the phone later that night, and when he asked what I had been up too...I got to say "Oh, just hung out with my brother"

This is monumental people. I was adopted for the most part raised as an only child, and the only people I ever had to call family was my mom and my dad. My parents didn't socialize with anyone, and the few they saw, never really regarded me with much of anything. Well...dad's gone..and Mom's going crazy. Up until now I just had to accept that my only family now, was my inlaws..and I love them to death, but it's still hard to claim them as your own. There is no "MY" when talking of them..it's "My husbands.."

Now when I talk to people I can talk about my sister, my brother, and even my birth father. I love it, because I feel like saying to my husband & the entire world, "Na na na nana, boo boo, I got a family tooOOO" hehe

I am very grateful.

One of these days I am going to write a Bio so people aren't as easily confused and so I don't have to go into the details everytime.

Ahh...but anyway. I am officially burnt out. I need to try and get at least a few hours of sleep in before the kids get up.

I'm not done, but my eyes are getting extremely heavy.

to be cont'd..

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