Saturday, August 27, 2005

Drama Drama Drama

Wow. What a day today was! So much happened, and I'm so excited about it, it's hard to get myself calmed down enough to write this. that was a total lie, but it sounded good right? The truth is hardly anything at all happened today. I spent most of my day messing around with "My Space" on MSN. I'm thinking about using it as a photoblog, because this past weekend I bought a new digital camera, and I'm seriously considering getting creative with it. I've always loved photography, although I've never pursued it, unless you include the countless photos' I've taken of the kids and my mutts. :) Anyway, I can't even remember how I got to MSN, but I did, and as of right now I'm planning on dumping all my creative energy into the lens of my camera, and posting the pics on there. Please notice I said "as of right now," I seriously could wake up tomorrow morning and just say f*ck the whole idea.

I get inspired..but a lot of the times it's short-lived. Time will tell. I never thought I'd still be writing in this thing for as long as I miracles do happen.

The site is: Digital Experiments -- Feel free to take a look, although right now all I have is family pics up. This weekend, or maybe even later tonight I plan on putting some old photos I took of random scenery and stuff that I took with my old cam..they aren't too bad..

Mmmmmm...just took a quick break to down a shot of Sambuca. I didn't have anything else sweet in the house, and it sounded what the hell. Tomorrow my hubby returns from his field exercise in Louisiana, early in the morning sometime. I'm looking forward to having a little company around the house, no matter how much he might piss me off at times! Talking on the phone, emailing & chat, can never measure up to the real thing...face to face.

On a totally different note, but I feel as though I just have to mention it, if for nothing but to get it off my chest:
Yesterday I ended up watching Dr.Phil (not as common as you might think) and as I sat on the floor building Lego houses with Audrey, looking up at the TV, my mouth literally dropped open in awe, and in pure shock. He had this married couple on the show, that had 2 daughters (11 & 9), who were seriously in a jacked up situation. The father was an alcoholic, who frequently passed out on the floor in front of his kids, and was even known to drive around with his kids while drunk. Disturbing yeah? That didn't phase me though- it was his wife that floored me. She had what you might call "anger management issues" to put it nicely. She would see her husband drunk or smell that he had been drinking, and literally kick the shit out of him. The show had put small cameras around thier house for a few months to observe them, so they had a lot of footage of the wife beating her husband.

I've never seen such hardcore violence, actual REAL violence...I didn't quite even know how to process it. She'd smack him so hard it sent chills through my body. Once she pushed him down the basement stairs and gave him a concussion. The worst incident was a day that he had passed out in the kitchen, and as she saw him laying there she kicked him in the stomach multiple times, and even stomped on his guts as she would walk back and forth over him and put her full weight and more across the top of his stomach. This was on top of smacking him over and over, and kicking randomly at the rest of his body.

Did I mention their kids were witnessing every bit of this? There 9 year old was seen running away to her bedroom crying, and the older daughter was standing right in the kitchen watching, covering her ears. Can you imagine being that child? My god. The ambulance had to come get him and everything..she nearly killed him...and it wasn't the first time.

It was one of those things that you can hear about, but never truly register it until you've seen it. It made me realize how naive I am about people and what they are capable of. I call my mom crazy, but she's a teddy bear compared to what I saw. I've seen nothing. And it was saddening to know this kind of stuff goes on all the time.


I just needed to get that out; it's been swirling in my head since I saw it. Maybe now it can relax a little bit.

Goodnight from bloggerland :)

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Anonymous said...

I think I would drop to the floor to if I saw that. I thought I was mean to Gabe, goodness! I hope all is well, talk to you soon!! :)