Monday, September 05, 2005

My Vacation

I wish I would have been on vacation! But more like a short vacation from blogging. For numerous reason's. First I just didn't feel like it, I was uninspired and lacking mirth with life in general. Then with the events of Hurricane Katrina, I was distracted, with good reason, as I'm sure I'm not the only one. I would write how I feel about the lack of timely response, but my opinion is nothing that you haven't heard, or can't read somewhere else. I'm asking questions, and trying to be satisfied with the answers. I will say that's it very hard to be content with the explanations so far. Beyond that, it's such an immense situation it will be interesting to see how it plays out. Hundreds of thousands of people have no home now, no insurance to recover their losses, and even if they did, it will be some time before they are even able to rebuild. I couldn't begin to fathom how it will all work out.

Let me see...what other excuses can I come up with for ignoring my blog? I could keep going, don't think I couldn't ;)

I got krunk on Friday night. A little nudge from an email I got, that had to do with my mother, convinced me it was the right thing to do. Drink now, think about it later. It definitely helped get things off my mind for a while. I was too hung over Saturday to think about any of it. So all in all it was a successful mission in my opinion.

Ummm, so besides that not a whole lot has been going on.

I'm broke
V-8 is still my favorite drink (besides coffee & wine)
Big brother still sucks (f*ck the fiendship)

Exciting huh? And if anyone is wondering about my photoblog, I'm just realizing that the kinds of photographs I want to take are nearly impossible to take without going 70 miles or more out of my way. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but I watched a program yesterday where this girl went a few blocks from her house in Montreal Canada, and visited "Old Montreal" and took these really cool black and white pictures of some metal art exhibits in the town...and I was like totally jealous. No urban themes here, just good ole Kansas. The big city is good for some things believe it or not. Not that there's anything wrong with it out here, but at the moment I'm craving a little more of the industrialized, callous, cynical type of surrounding.


DaMan!! said...

Just remember that you won't always be in the middle of no where!! KC and the East coast have plenty to take pictures of!! Also did you get my email about this coming weekend?

Deawn said...

Hey sis- I also say F*ck the friendship. You know I wish I was so not pregant, I would of been drinking with you this weekend. Had a bad weekend :(