Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Forecast: Foggy

I just have to say - this last week and a half doesn't make any sense. I've been getting at least 7 hours of sleep at night, and in general taking very good care of myself. One would think that would lead to even greater clarity about things...that maybe I would be able to write that much easier, and even a little better. Instead, my mind is blank, no thoughts are flowing, and I can't concentrate to save my life. So what's the deal? The only difference I've seen is that I'm not as grumpy as normal, and I do have a lot more patience. This isn't bad, but I'm still frustrated at my lack of depth recently.

Maybe I should hit the bottle and stay up all night, just to see if it helps? Or maybe I just need to hold out and see if time improves my problem. That would be the mature thing to do.

But to give you an example of my state of mind: I try making a decision about whether to stay on track or jump it and go for a ride..but I can't. My brain turns off ; literally! Not a thought runs through it, I just stare into nothing, until a few minutes have passed and I finally snap back into reality and try to get back on the task of deciding -- only for the entire cycle to repeat itself. Then before too long, I forget what I was even trying to think about in the first place.

Just writing this entry right excruciating.

So if its a minute before I write in here again, you'll know why. My brain is on vacation. It better bring me back a souvenir, thats all I have to say. ;)

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