Wednesday, May 11, 2005


You know it amazes me how many shallow, self serving people lurk about. People that pretend to care about you and want you to think they give a damn about what's going on in your life. But they don't. It's a fucking charade. Life in general is. We are all dressed up in our costumes and playing a part. I know that's the whole point; to have a "part" in this world, find your place, but why do we have to put on the costumes? Why do we have to play the games, and sling the bullshit so thickly around? What's wrong with just having your place in this world, and making what you will of it, without trampling on someone else to get it? People are like leeches, sucking what life they can out of each other, doing whatever it takes to make themselves feel better, all because they too, are being drained by yet another leech. Talk about a vicious cycle. It's ugly.

Sure not everyone is like this. There's good out in the world. You just have to put on your anti-bullshit glasses and look through the sea of losers to find that warm and caring soul that's genuinely smiling at you.

And when you find that nice shiny soul that makes you feel so good, don't forget to leech unto them. They have what you've been craving.

It's all so ugly.

the anger sharks are swimming in my head---goosfraba goosfraba

** Don't mind me. I'm just in one of those moods. It's totally possible I will be blogging about puppy dogs, rainbows, how I love bubbly people, and all those other sickening things tomorrow. It works that way sometimes.**

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