Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Didn't I say Tuesday would be better? I woke up this morning, logged on AOL, and there was my welcome screen, inviting me to watch the live Dave Matthews Band concert, held in NYC last night. And not just bits of it; the entire thing!! So I'm sitting there with a giddy smile on my face, watching it get better by the minute. Sweat glistens off Dave's face, and drenches his shirt as he gets deep into the music; his entire body bounces to the rhythm of the song. It doesn't get much better than this folks! No other music makes me feel the way DMB does; it's something about the intensity of the instruments, the soulful sound of Dave Matthews voice, and the reality of the lyrics. I get chills; a huge smile rushes over my face, and my body itches to move and feel the music through it. It's an awesome feeling. So yeah......nothing could have stopped this morning from being a good one :) And I didn't even mention, how I then turned on the Today Show, and there he was again, doing a special performance & interview. ::::SIGH::::

So for the moment, I'll forget his album comes out today, and I don't have the money to buy it; I'll forget all the laundry that's backed up, and how I can't use my dvd player/surround system because the remote got fried last week, and more than anything I'll forget my husband is enamored with another woman, and I will just savor the moment...and be grateful for the small things.

Sing on Dave..sing on...take me away.


Anonymous said...

Well it is good to hear that you had a better day! I know that music seems to solve a lot of things for me. I must admitt that I did have to look up a word from this post, ENAMORED. You got me on that one, but I did get it figuired out and I am sorry to hear about that. I am sure you life is a little wild right now, but keep me in mind if you need to vent or someone to lean on. Make sure you know that I am here for you, I will email you more later! Take care sis!!

Anonymous said...
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