Friday, September 14, 2007

A New Day

Testing. Testing. Anyone still out there?

Wow. Yes I know it's been a while. Damn it. The days spin by entirely too fast sometimes and in the shadows, left behind, are all the things I cherish, love and enjoy. As I write this though, I'm vowing to get a grip and get back to some of the things that I've let go over the past few months...even year. It's been a inconsistent one, that is for sure.

So heading things off in the right direction...months ago I promised pics from Paris, and FINALLY I'm making good on that promise. It took me long enough, I know.

Anyway, I scanned a handful and I love how they turned out. The look very vintage. Which is good and BAD. Owning pictures that look this old must mean I'm old. OUCH sista!

On to the pics... (click to see them larger)

Me being...Me :) Hiding from a picture! In Paris! The nerve!!

Someone getting revenge and taking my pic while taking theirs..obviously. I swear, it's so much better taking the pics, rather than being in them!

The strip. Definitly intimidating to drive in..not that I tried.

My biggest "man crush" ever. I was completly gaga. And yes I was married at the time..what can I say? I was only 22! hehe - Anyway, as you can see, he wasn't the most studly guy out there, but his personality won me over..and his lips...and smooth scalp. Did I say that? Nevermind. lol. Anyway, I was always trying to sneak pics of him. haha

This is the gang we were with, minus me. Just a random group of soldiers that decided to rent some BMW's and drive up to Paris for the New Year. It was damn cold out there...but the scotch helped warm me up :) I love Andrew in this pic.

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Bob said...

There's at least one "lurker" out there that check your blog now and again. Glad to see you back.