Tuesday, September 18, 2007

schedule backwards My ;)

Only a few days in between my last blog...I'd say I'm improving! I would like to get back to posting almost every day, I just need to get back into the habit and find a good time during the day that I can stick with. Even if no one checks up on it anymore, when I was writing in here more frequently it felt nice to have a place to go and download all the thoughts in my head..among other things.

I'd say the best time for blogging would be after my night shift, about 8:30AM...but that might not be the best thing. Sometimes I'm pretty tired and I might turn out a bunch of illiterate gibberish! It might be my only option though, so I'll have to make it work. Usually I get home around 8:15am and eat breakfast and wind down till about 9am. Then I go to bed till around 3pm when Taylor gets home from school. I wouldn't mind sleeping till 4 or 5 but it's hard going back to sleep after all the commotion with the dogs and crap. So I usually get up and get dressed and head to the daycare to pick up Audrey. She has a blast there and loves it to death, but sometimes I feel guilty for having her there most of the day while mommy sleeps. I shouldn't feel bad, because half the time when I pick her up she's having so much fun she doesn't want to leave..yet my conscience still knocks at me from time to time. I think I just miss her sometimes, imagine that!

Anyway, after I pick her up I come back home and start dinner/ help with homework...catch up on housework. By the time Andrew gets home and we have dinner and clean up the girls have about 45 min left before bedtime at 8 pm. They both have to get up so early in the morning (5:30am) that we make sure they fit in at least 9 hours of sleep. it all makes for a pretty fast night, and time flies, cause at 8pm after we tuck the girls in, I lay down for a nap too. I only get about 5-6 hours during the day, so taking a nap before I go into work helps me not be too tired during my shift. It seriously cuts down on my chill time though...but at least I'm not a complete mess during my shift.

Anyway I better get off here, it's 9:30 and I'm late for bed! I got home a little later today because I was busy at work writing about 10 different reports on a new resident that is a pistol! He made for one interesting morning, I'll say that! I hope tomorrow morning is more smooth....I'm used to the drama, but I'd do without gladly :)


poody said...

Ah yes the life of the night shift person! I worked nights for about 7 years! It is a different life for sure! It is all about the sleep! I would say you gettting 6-7 hrs a day is great since sleeping in the daytime with 2 kids is almost next to impossible if you ask me. Why feel guilty? If you were working the same time you are sleeping she would still be in daycare right?

poody said...

BOg brother is over I have my life back yeah!

Anonymous said...

Way to go big sister!! Things good on this end, except miss hearing from you.:(

Love ya, Dad