Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spring snow

Wow! A new post! Unbelievable huh?

It actually seems like it's been longer than it really has since my last post. So much seems to happen in one day, that by the end of it, it seems more like a week has passed than just a measly 24hrs.

On Easter I worked a double (8am-midnight) so me and the easter bunny didn't get to hang as usual. I ate a decent dinner in our non-secure facility though. hmmph.

Anyway, without getting into a lot of details, the point here is that I work A LOT. Random shifts unpredictable as the weather.

Speaking of weather!! ( nice transition eh?) We've been getting snow for the past 2 weeks. And no, I'm not kidding. We are lucky to get in the mid thirties and for it to be cloudy w/0 sleet or snow. Apparently New York isn't ready for spring yet? I'll be the first to let you know when it is though, so stay tuned!!

Back to work...

Did I say I work a lot already? Random shifts? Weird hours? Yeah?

Like today for example: I worked 7am-3pm and then I have to go back and work midnight till 8am Sunday morning.

Gotta love shifts like that. (but most likely not)

And then today for the first time I was left in charge of a handful of boys that treated me like a substitute remember those days, yeah? They were trying to pull so much shit it wasn't even remotely funny. I hung in there for a little while, and then eventually something clicked in my head and I said to myself "Is this how you wanna play? GAME ON " - and for the most part things got better....they still tried to get away with things occasionally, but nothing near what it was before I put my foot down.

It's kinda funny though, because a lot of the kids approach me and ask if "I'm this quiet all the time" and all I ever tell them is that I don't really have anything to say. And it's true. I listen. I learn. If I need to talk I do...and if I don't...I don't. When they tested me today though, and I reacted the way I did, and didn't put up with it, I think they were all a little surprised. A lot of people think that when your quiet, your shy. I beg to differ though, as that's not always the case. I learn a lot from just listening and observing people. More so than if I were to be running my mouth constantly.

Everyday at my job I learn something new about myself...or if it's not new, it's further confirmed. Like last weekend when I spent all my time in the girls cottage, I realized that I'm just not one of those peppy ass females that talks constantly and is excited about anything and everything. I'm just not that easily amused. There was other female staff on shift that blended right in, so it's not an age's just a certain type of girl/woman. I guess I'm the serious type, not in any stuck-up way, but just more reserved than the average chick. But that's ok. It's not the MOST common thing, but it's not uncommon either..theres plenty of other girls out there like me. We're just a little more rare. Which makes us special BTW ;)

Anyway so that's THAT. And nothing more.

I have this creeping feeling that I've turned this blog into one hell of a boring sorry for that.

PS- Now that I think about it, I should have written about why you NEVER go to the E.R. on Friday the 13th ....cause not only does it take forever to get seen, strange things happen...or gross choose. I pick gross. I know..I was there. Anyway, I should have written about it, cause it would have made for a much more interesting post! Maybe next time. ;)


Anonymous said...

good to hear from you finally sis. Missing you!!

love ya-deawn

poody said...

hey sounds like the job is challenging to say the the least but it also sounds like you like it. The ER oh no hope everyone is ok there!

dwain said...

Welcome back! Been thinking, where is that girl? But thought you must be working a lot and liking it.

My mom alway told me "listen and keep you mouth shut, you'll learn more that way." So that is what I've done and it works. Like you people think I am shy until they get to know me. I like to know who I'm dealing with before I open my mouth to whatever they are talking about.

Love you see you in June, hope the weather is better by then! :)