Thursday, April 26, 2007


God. I suck at this blog thing lately.

Hmm. I suck at a lot of things lately.

Like keeping up with family & friends.

I've just been so fucking distracted.

We've been trying to get a house. If it's not one thing it's another though, and I'm losing my faith more each day on it. Which gets me down a little cause I really like the house. It's surrounded by trees, and is down a long wooded road, with almost 2 acres of land. Not to mention the inside, which is really nice. Anyway, I'm done with talking about it, it just gets me thinking about it again...

Besides that...I guess there's not a whole lot to report. I like my job less and less, but it's a job and it pays well, so I'll deal with it for now.

Andrews at a military ball tonight. I chose not to go...never was much for the formal affairs. Instead I went and bought a bottle of wine and am chilling at the house with the kiddies. Much more fun if you ask me!

Not much has changed huh??


Anonymous said...

Wow. Have you got somebody to talk to about your depression?

Glenda said...

Sure..but I can always use another dumping zone. Up for the job?

Who said I was depressed? The wine cheers me up just fine! ;) hehe

TC said...

You can dump on me anytime! Ok that didn't sound right...anyway, hang in there, your one month of summer up there is just a few months away! :)

poody said...

hey a house to buy? Good luck it is a hassle though I am never moving again if I can help it one word you will learn to hate Underwriters!