Thursday, May 17, 2007

House hunting

Tomorrow is my 12 year anniversary! Cool eh? Andrew's actually got the day off too! I don't, but I only work until 1:30 so that leaves us plenty of time to do something special.

We are looking at another house that's right around the corner from our neighbors that used to live upstairs from us. They moved out about a week ago, and it's different not having them right upstairs....sad actually. Who would have ever thought we'd miss upstairs neighbors? They are great people though, and although the house they bought isn't very far away, it's too far in my opinion. So then we found this house that's real close to their house, and we had to do a walk through. It looks decent from the outside and has a awesome back yard, and is on a nice quiet street. Inside...well...that's a whole different story! It needs some serious updating, and looks right out of the 70's in every room you go into, complete with rainbow shag carpet.

There is a lot of work to do in there, and it would have to be little by little. The only plus side to all the work that needs to be done is the price is a lot cheaper than if it was turn-key ready. Once we updated it, we could really turn a profit if we wanted to sell it....although I don't see us wanting to anytime soon.

Andrews regimental Chief Warrant Officer told him that if he wanted to stay in Fort Drum until he retired, that it wouldn't be a problem. So if and when we actually get a house....we could be there for a while. I love it up here, so I wouldn't be complaining either.

So tomorrow, we are going back to the house to measure a few things and make sure our furniture would fit, and if all goes well, we're going to write up an offer and see what happens!

Based on our last experience of trying to get a house we wanted, I'm not getting my hopes up too high, but it would be nice if it all went through ok. Time will tell.

Anyway, that's what little news I have. I've still been working a lot and depending on the day I either love my job or hate it. It's sooo situational. I guess a lot of jobs are like that though!


Chaney said...

Wow! Great to hear you're doing well. I'm sure you're falling more and more in love each day with NY. Who wouldn't?! I'm glad you're sounding up beat and positive about everything. Things here are good..busy. I'll try to email you sometime before next year! ;)
Love to you all!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the house but staying in NEW YORK!!!! That I did not like to read. Sure I'm sure it's nice up there but it is here too in place's, right??? And what you would pay for a house up there you could buy a beautiful home here once you sold that one. I think you understand why I am thinking like this, all self interest but above all your happiness is the most important to me.
All is good here think I found the fight I want for the 20th. As soon as I buy my ticket and get the details I will eamil you.
Love you all!!!!

poody said...

That sounds wonderful! Good luck! I bought my ouse 13 years ago and have no intention of ever moving!As cretive as you are you can fix it up relly nice!