Thursday, March 08, 2007

New additions!

I know it's been a while since I've blogged, so sorry for that! We've been keeping busy and losing our minds at the same time. (more on that later!)

Anyway, there is so much exciting news around me..that,'s exciting!! All my family have reported something MAJOR going on in their life, and it's good things, so I feel grateful that so many good things are going on around me. I am beyond happy for all of them.

I am still waiting to hear back from The Children's Home. I went to the observation last week and really enjoyed it. I had some preconceptions about the type of kids that would be in there, and all of them were shot down. I should know better and I usually try my best not to jump to conclusions about things, and have an openmind..but this time, for whatever reason I had it all set out in my mind. I'm a little disappointed in myself for it, but I learned a little lesson out of it, so that's what counts, right? Basically the boys in there are too smart for their own good, and remind me of Andrew back in the day!

The next day after the observation I called and told them I was definitely still interested in the position, so now I'm waiting for a call back for a individual interview again, and then hopefully after that I can start traning. The human resources lady said she'd be out this week, so maybe that's why I haven't got a call back yet. I'm hoping so. I got evaluated on the....Yay...just picked up a call, and it was her!! She wants me to come in Monday to fill out some papers and talk about starting training! Whoo hoo! Anyway, as I was saying, I was evaluated on my observation, and I was hoping I did alright. The staff on duty had to comment on things like my demeanor and my interaction with kids, and a bunch of other stuff. I felt good about how things went down, it's just as time passed and the more I waited for the call-back I started to doubt myself. Shame on me! I'm glad I can stop wondering about it..and the ball is rolling again.

In other news, last week I posted up Taylor's old Gameboy SP and 6 of her games up for auction on Ebay. She's been wanting a hamster, so she got this idea of selling her Gameboy so that she could pay for it. Andrew and I told her that she could get one, but it was coming out of her pocket. She ended up getting a little over $80 for it all, so this weekend we went hamster shopping! I had never even touched, let alone held a hamster before so the whole idea made me nervous. Andrew owned a few when he was a kid, so that helped though.

We ended up buying a dwarf hamster, which are tiny little boogers. So tiny that the cage she bought for her was way too big, it was one of those with all the fancy tubes. So I looked up dwarf hamsters on the net to learn more about them, and it said they do best in a aquarium, and with at least one tank mate so they wouldn't get lonely! So then Andrew and I got this bright idea for us to keep the dwarf hamster and get her a roommate, and have that in our room, and then get Taylor a regular sized hamster that would go better with her fancy cage! The next day we went and got another female dwarf hamster, and one long haired hamster boy for Taylor.

See? Told you we lost our minds! The tank in our room is set up real cute though. It has a little tiki hut and wooden log in a few other things, it looks like a little island getaway..I love it. I'm slowly warming up to them too. At first I was scared to even pet them. Anyway their names are Chimi and Changa..hehe...get it?

Taylors little guy is called "Cesar" and we ended up taking back the fancy cage yesterday with all the tubes and shit. The wheel that was attached to it made ALOT of noise and Taylor wasn't getting any sleep at night, and the water bottle was a piece of shit too. So they gave us our money back and we hooked her up with a 20 gallon aquarium meant for a reptile, so it's long and now he has all sorts of cool things and a stand alone hamster wheel that it's ultra quiet.

Besides all the hamster MADNESS not a whole lot else to report. Oh! Monday we went snowshoeing with my neighbor...and it KICKED MY ASS. Taylor was out of school because of snow, so all of us went, including Andrew who pulled Audrey in a snow raft thingy. The snow shoes I wore were way too small, so instead of keeping me from falling through all the snow, they helped me fall through it all! It was a nightmare, cause every time I took a step my leg would fall through and be buried up to my hips, so then I had to lift my leg again only to start over again. It was like walking up steps, but skipping 3 or 4 at a time. It smoked my ass. As soon as we got home I collapsed for a 4 hour nap and when I woke up I could hardly move, my muscles were so freaking sore! They are just now starting to feel like normal again. All in all though, I'd do it again..but with proper snow shoes next time! It was beautiful out there. I didn't bring my camera but I wished I had, although it's a good thing I didn't cause it would have probably got snow all up in it which wouldn't be good.

Anyway, I better go! Pictures of our hamsters coming soon!


poody said...

Congratulations on the job Well done. The hamsters are soo cute and I love that you keep adding to yur menagerie! I know how happy you are to have Andrew home! It's all good and that ain't bad!

Anonymous said...

I like the addition to you family I had some to as a child too.

Congrats on the job well done. You need to believe in yourself as much as I do. You have always been a very bright person with a big heart.

I know about my good news am glad to hear others in the family also are doing good. I have more news about Barb and I but will email you.

Love you!!!