Wednesday, February 28, 2007

As promised!

So here are some of the pics I've been meaning to get posted up!

I'll start with our new addition, Brie!

Cute huh? I think so anyways.. ;)

And here's some pictures I took of Taylor and her friends art:

"Crazy House" ~ by Taylor

"Seasons" ~ By Heather

This is the picture I took of Taylors art before I cropped it. There's something about it I really like..maybe it's my feet in the picture..I dunno. I love it though..yeah I'm weird ;)


poody said...

Love the fishy and LOVE the artwork I would so have that hanging in my house. I love kids atr because they aren't inhibited like adults!

Tiger Babble said...

Oh I LOVE Taylor's "Crazy House" painting! If I saw that in an art gallery I would buy it in a minute...

Hope you are doing well! Lots of love.

dwain said...

To say I love Taylor's art is not enough. Tell her grandpa'a birthday is comeing up and would love something like that. I would put it right next to yours!

The fish is cool, I like!

TC said...

We just lost a Beta fish a few months ago. He made it two years in a crappy cramped unfiltered cold water bowl, so yours should last even longer!
Taylor's got your artistic gene! I love that, colorful and fun. Awesome!
Oh yea, if you're going out in the snow and cold, put some shoes on!!! :)