Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The job interview went well, although it was more like a orientation, because it was with 2 other women. Basically it was a speech letting you know what you were up against. The lady that ran the interview was very out-spoken and told it like it was. One of the first things she said was "If you're a introverted, quiet, shy type person, this probably isn't the job for you" - which made me smile, because...well...that's me! BUT, when I get around kids I am the exact opposite, and usually come out of my shell. You can't be shy around kids, no matter the age or they will walk all over you.

So even though she said that, I still feel pretty confident in the job. What's crazy is that there's 5 stages to go through before you even know if you've been hired! There's the interview I went to yesterday, and then tonight I have to go to a 3 hour "observation" in one of the cottage's where I have to introduce myself to the kids and meanwhile am evaluated on my interaction with them, among other things. The day after the observation I call the lady from human resources and let her know I'm still interested, and at that time they check my references, my driving record, and all that stuff. When all that clears, and they read my evaluation from my observation & they call me in for an individual interview and they decide if they want me to continue to training. The training program is 120 hours, and lasts 3 weeks. What's funny is that if at any time during the training I feel that the job isn't for me..and I stop going..I don't get paid. You don't get paid until you complete the training. Plus, even after you complete the training, you still may not be selected for the job!

So all of that has got me somewhat anxious, but I'm just holding on to the fact that I have a lot to offer to a job like this, and hopefully they will see that.

The hours weren't as bad as I thought either, because they have all sorts of different shifts, and the only one I don't like is midnight to 8 am. They also have 5:30am to 1:30pm - 8:00am to 4:00pm (the one I really want!) and a few others that go a little later into the night.

The best thing I liked about the job so far is that I'd have a lot of free reign when it comes to the activities with the teens. So if a few wanted to join me in the arts and recreation center for some crazy art we go. And the same goes for the computer lab, and all sorts of other things. I'll even get to drive a company van and take them to the movies and a lot of other things like, skiing, camping, white water name it. Which is awesome to me, because I'll be getting paid to do some pretty cool stuff. Sure, it won't always be a walk in the park, but as long as you keep an upper hand on the kids, and they respect you, it won't be too hard.

All in all, I'm excited! I hope I like the job as much as I think I will, and that I get it! I won't really know until around April though..which sucks.

Last night, in celebration of my new found job prospect, Andrew and I went out to dinner without the kiddies and then went and got a fishie!! I've been wanting one ever since we've been baby sitting my neighbors beta fish "cheddar" - mainly because his little fish bowl sits in my kitchen and I get used to him being there, and after hes gone I kinda miss having him to look at and stuff. Plus, usually I am what is known as a "fish killer" because aquariums and I don't get a long, and the few times I've tried to start one, the fish always died - but I've learned Beta fish are hardy and you can't kill them as easily as you can this is a plus for me.

Last night after dinner, we went to Petco and I got a female Beta..she is so cute. I will take pics later on so everyone can see! We named her "Brie" because we wanted to name her a cheese like Cheddar was, because if it wasn't for him...I wouldn't have wanted a fish. Silly I know. But so am I sometimes! She's got a cute little corner aquaruim in the kitchen and she loves it in there..she's so active. Much more active than Cheddar ever was. I read up on Beta's though and saw that they like warmer water, so I'm wondering if that was Cheddars problem, because he just has a little fish bowl that isn't easy to stay warm and he didn't move around a lot. I'll have to bring that to my neighbors attention! I can't have Brie's boyfriend getting sick on her..hehe.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a good job if you get it, which if you put your mind to it I'm sure you will.

Cool fishy!