Monday, February 26, 2007

New job?

Saturday I finally got called back on the job application I submitted in December for the Children's Home! Took long enough huh? If it's anything like my last job working with kids, they do a pretty good background check before they even interview you, which can take forever, so maybe that's why it took so long? I have an interview tomorrow and I can't wait to see exactly what hours are entailed and all that stuff. They could very well be looking for someone to work nights or every weekend, and I'm not sure I want to do that. Midnight to 8am shifts suck total ass, and having to work every weekend does too. I'd be willing to do every other weekend, and some I'm a little flexible, right?

I'm really hoping it works out well though because they pay well, and I really do enjoy working with kids..especially older ones. Most of these kids will have issues and are from broken homes, so that makes me a little nervous, but I'm pretty sure I could tackle whatever they threw at me. After all..I got stories too! And sometimes that can work to my advantage by making me a little more relatable to a stubborn teen.

I looked on their website, and they offer Art Therapy - I want to be in charge of that!! I could totally rock that position!

Just before Andrew came home, my neighbors daughter came downstairs to play with Taylor, and I gave a little "class" on letting loose while painting and just going with the flow. I gave both of them a 8x10 piece of canvas I had to spare, and let them use all the paints I had. It took a little coaxing trying to break them out of the mold, especially Taylor. She wanted to draw a simple tree and a sun scene with flowers, and I had to interject! I told her to break out of the box and just have fun with it. With a little coaching on some techniques and color choices, YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE how well they came out!! What was really funny was how each painting reflected their personalities. Taylor is kinda wild and outgoing, and so is her painting..that she titled "Crazy House" -- And her friend, Heather, is very mellow and quiet, and her painting is so serene..color choice, name it. She called hers "The Seasons" and it's pretty damn awesome.

Sometime this week I will have to take some pictures of them and post them up here, cause I'm damn proud of what they both did. And of says something about the "teacher" too!! hehe

So yeah..I would totally love the art therapy job! I'll have to see if they have a particular person who supervises that type of thing...and if so, they better watch out! Cause' I'm coming for their job!

Anyway, I'll have to update after my interview tomorrow and let everyone know how it went! Wish me luck!!


dwain said...

GOOD LUCK!! I hope the hours work out and whoever has the art job now I feel for, cause if you want it, you will get it.:)

poody said...

Good luck Hope you get the job!

TC said...

I think you'd make a kick ass teacher! Good luck!!