Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I've been slacking lately, but I'm going to try and get back into the blogging thing AS OF NOW. Sound good to you? Yeah me too.

So anyway, let me start by talking about Taylor, cause lord knows she gives me things to talk about. You want a sure sign that your getting old? You say -"kids sure are growing up fast these days" - which is what I say about Taylor, and it's a sure sign I'm on my way to some sort of geriatric play ground!

She is just so "fashion forward" but I guess so are the dolls they play with now days. ( saying "now days" is another sure fire sign your getting old) That and I swear I didn't care about boys when I was her age. (Oh god.."When I was her age" there's another one!)

We have family night on Friday nights, where basically she picks a movie and we have take out or her meal of choice. Well, a while ago we watched the Titanic, which she didn't really want to watch but I made her because I thought it might give her a glimpse into some history and all that stuff. You know what she got out of it??

"Leonardo Dicaprio is CUTE mommy!" and now she's constantly asking to watch it again...JUST to get a glimpse of his cuteness! It's horrible!! And this past family night we watched "The Beach" just cause it had him in it. Guess what's for next week? Romeo & Juliet circa 1990 something, that has him and Claire Danes in it.

I have nothing against him, it's just I'm in disbelief I've reached this stage in life where my daughter is starting to notice cute boys! Uggg! How scary! Not to mention all the boys who notice HER. I think I'm going to have to lock her up soon, thats all there is to it! hehe

Then tonight we were looking on Ebay for shoes, and I ended up caving in and bidding on these boots for her:

She's totally going to be one of those chicks that has 200 + pairs of shoes in their closet. These boots put her under a spell and she kept telling me how she would wear them, and what clothes she'd wear them with, and she would take good care of them..yada yada yada. I don't know where she gets it..cause I'm the last person to care about shoes, or whats "in" or "out" - but yet she was in my ear telling me how they "were SO in" and how much she loved them.

I won them for $16 so I can't complain too much. We saw them when they had 6 minutes left, so I waited to bid on them until they were under 2 minutes. It's a good strategy because by the time I bid, theres usually not enough time for someone to try and out bid me. Anyway, my waiting was killing her because she thought for sure I wasn't going to get it submitted in time. But I did..and mommy rules. I keep trying to tell her this. One of these days she'll just accept I rock, and there's nothing she can do about it! hehe

Anyway, on a different note, I finished a painting...which I haven't done in what seems like forever. It's pretty I think, and works well in my bathroom. I recently over hauled my bathroom because it was getting on my nerves. I usually go with rich colors like golds and deep reds, and I had a shower curtain like that in there, but it was doing nothing but making my bathroom seem smaller and MORE out-dated than it already is. Being in the military, and living in housing, you kinda have to work with what you have and it's not always a lot. Our bathrooms here are pretty ugly and simple. My whole cost of the make-under was only $10 though! Can't beat that! I got a simple cream shower curtain that has a few vines and flowers on it, and then basically took a lot out of the bathroom, giving it a spa like appeal. It's very minimal and clean looking, and it relaxes me. So my painting blends in well with the whole feeling. I'm planning on taking a few pics tomorrow of it, so cross your fingers on me following through! I still need to post the pictures from Paris that I promised about a month ago. Eeek.

Like I said though, I'm getting back on the blogging wagon. Or trying my best to anyway. :)

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TC said...

Back on the wagon, yay! And I have already prepared the locked dungeon for in which to put my daughter until she turns about 35...yipes!
Eager to see the new art.