Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Artwork & Bathrooms

My paintings and bathrooms seem to go hand in hand lately. The trend started when I did 2 small pieces for my neighbors bathroom, and then my brother bought his wife, Chaney, "Java" and she liked it so much she wants me to make something for one of her bathrooms in her new house. I have yet to get to that, cause we are still working on colors, but now I've gone and painted something for my bathroom. At least they have a place, right? When else can you sit and truly look at a painting without distraction? hehe

Anyway here's some pics of my latest and also a glimpse of my bathroom. Don't deny it..I know you've always wondered what it looks like. I mean it's my much more interesting can you get? We actually have 2 bathrooms, one is off the main hallway, and the other one (the one I'm about to show you) is off my bedroom. Speaking of the other bathroom, I did a painting for it too. I almost forgot about it. It's basically a kids bathroom, with frogs and fish and stuff, so I painted a picture of a turtle in the water and a frog sitting on top of the turtle fishing, with a dragon fly in the air. It's cute.

So on to the fun stuff:

This is my bathroom from the door (obviously)

This is the painting in full sunlight, so the colors are more accurate, then if I had taken it with a flash:

And this is the wall it's on in my bathroom, taken with a flash, so it sort of yellows it, but you get the point! Notice my most favorite towels ever :)

There ya go. My bathroom. Like I said yesterday I kept it "light" on purpose so that it doesn't seem so closed in. Usually I don't do the whole flowers in the bathroom thing, but I was at the dollar store and saw a neutral shower curtain for $10 and couldn't resist. It's not exactly my style, cause that would cost way more money (think WEST ELM), but for now it works and serves its purpose!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the swirls. A possibility maybe???? I'm working on the samples for the colors. Let you know more later.

Anonymous said...

hey sis love the art work. I emailed, did you get it. It was really long. love -de