Monday, December 04, 2006

This morning (dec.4th)

I took these pictures this morning before Taylor headed off for school. Audrey couldn't wait to go play out in the snow this morning, and Taylor would have joined her in the making of snow angels, but she didn't want to get her clothes all dirty and wet. I'm going to get a picture of them doing it side by side though, cause that would be so cute, don't you think?

* The bottom one was taken Sunday, but it was too cute not to share..I'm not proud or anything ;)



Dwain said...

Love the pictures. How much snow did you all get up there? We only got 1" but some places in Kansas got 15"

Glenda said...

On which day? haha. Monday we got a good bit..8 inches or so. We average about a 1-2 a day least that's how this week went.