Wednesday, December 06, 2006


This is a song off of Sarah Mclachlans Christmas album "Wintersong" -- it is one of the best christmas albums I've heard in a while...probably because I'm not usually a Christmas music kind of gal. It's not your usual upbeat album but it's beautiful in other ways I think. Anyway, I've bought 3 of the cd's already because I'm giving it for a gift this year..that's how much I like it..well that and it's in my budget ;)

This song in particular is damn beautiful. But if I had a river, I wouldn't just "skate away" I would probably skate over to the midwest so I could have Christmas with my family..



Dwain said...

I like! And I am a Christmas music kind of guy. But I got a question, what is a budget? :)

Glenda said...

Well..a budget is that thing enforced by the man who makes all the money! hehe. Ok, he doesn't "enforce" it..but he definitely bothers me about it. So I'm trying to keep him quiet for once! hehe.