Saturday, December 16, 2006

On the ball..and rolling!!

I am so DAMN proud of myself. For the most part I am completely done with sent out and all! WHooo hooo! This is very rare for me, so I guess that's why I am so proud. For the past 3 years I have actually bought Christmas cards and never got around to sending them out...needless to say I have a lot of boxes full of Christmas cards in my desk..oh and thank you cards too. I get half way a lot and then don't follow through. I'm also usually one of those people shopping for loved ones on Christmas Eve.

But this year I followed through and totally rocked.. I went and got new cards that I love, cause they are pretty and I can put a picture of my girls in them. Annnnnd...I not only signed them...but addressed them and took those puppies to the post office!!

For some people, sending out cards a week before Christmas is very last minute, but for me, this is A WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS..and awesome in all rights imaginable for me.

I rarely need to be in a particular place at a particular time, so it's turned me into the person "who's always late" because of lack of practice. Also, I am definitely the person who always waits to the very last SECOND to do the things I need to do..people who know me..know this. I don't like to brag about these traits, and I hate that I'm that way most of the time, so when I break out of that character..

yeah..I like to pat myself on the back :)

I only a have a few presents left to wrap for Audrey and Taylor's presents are all done and some are under my tree and some are hidden away until Christmas morning. You read it right, I actually put up my tree too! For a while there I was really not wanting too, but I knew that wouldn't be right for the girls. I'm so glad I did too, because Audrey just loves the tree. Every time she looks at it she says in the sweetest voice "Oh..I LOVE Christmas!" It's too cute, and made it totally worth it.

I also took the girls to see Santa today. I wasn't going to, because he was just at our local drug store and I figured it didn't really matter. Then I asked Taylor why she was wanting to see Santa so bad..cause she was the one really bothering me about it. I didn't even think she believed in Santa anymore. But then she tells me " Well, last year I didn't write him or see him or anything, and only got 2 presents from him!" - haha

Now the explanation...

Usually we are home and Christmas morning is never at our house, it's usually at Andrew's moms. Well last year, as usual we took her gifts over there, but we put "From: Mom & Dad"..not even thinking, and then Andrew's mom kinda did the same thing, and only at the last minute changed a few presents. She got plenty of presents, but only a few of them said they were actually from Santa.

I'm glad I took the time to ask her this question and hear her answer though..cause like I said, I didn't think she believed in Santa anymore. She's asked questions here and there that made me think she had figured out where the presents were really coming from. It works out great though, cause I have a good stash I wasn't going to bring out until the night before anyway, and they don't have labels on them yet or anything.

So whewww...

And awwww...

My little/ big girl still believes in Santa Clause.

There's an innocence there that I can appreciate. :)

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TC said...

You rock! And if you're like me, YOU believe a little bit more in Santa too now don't ya. Christmas: try your best to hate it, you just can't do it. :)