Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Old pics..

These are some of the pics I dug out..

This is me and some social worker. Don't ask me what that doll was there for, I have no idea..and I don't want to know..hehe.

God knows why I was asked to pose in front of McDonalds..or lord forbid I ASKED too. Eeek. Any which way..if this isn't a classic orphan photo I dunno what is. I got the dress. The un-even socks. The antique brown shoes. The red hair. What more do you want?? ;)

This is me and my brother after we were adopted. About 4 years later my adoptive parents gave up custody of my brother back to the state of KS ( he had mental issues my parents weren't willing to deal with.) Enough said..it wasn't cool. The dog is "Buddy" - he had a twin called "Missy" ..they were both grumpy ass dogs. Buddy died out of no where one night from a burst blood vessel in his brain. Missy lasted until she was 16 or something..my mom loved the hell out of her. So much so, that she got a golden urn..that was 100 times better than the urn my dad got after he died. Go figure.

This is as close as I ever got to a prom-type photo. I believe I was a sophmore and Andrew and I were on our way to the Military Ball. God I look dated.

This is me my Junior year of HS. I look like I'm up to something. Umm. I probably was. All I remember about this photo was that I rushed to get my hair out of a bun and slip on another shirt besides my uniform one. (I went to a military school where we had to wear a uniform 4 out of 5 days a week..it sucked.)

STAYED TUNED - Pics from Paris circa 2000 coming next!!!


Dwain said...

I have a copy of the last pic. but not the others so you know I saved them to my pictures! Looking forward to the Paris pictures.
Love you!!!

TC said...

Perfect pics for the middle section of that autobio you need to write!

poody said...

what sweet pictures You were an adorable little girl with such a sweet smile and beautiful eyes