Saturday, December 16, 2006

Enchanted Chai Vanilla Tea

If any of you like to try new things and like cappucinos and should totally try this drink. It's made by Caffe D'Vita and it's a "tea latte" Chai vanilla to be exact..and it is HEAVEN.


It's kind of like a pumpkin pie version of hot cocoa...OMG.


Seriously, try it. And if you can't find it and want to...let me know. I will personally buy some for you and send it to your front door. Well, as long as your family I will, haha. I can't buy it for every "Joe" out there.

The commissary stocks it up here, and it's only about $3 for a good size can.


Try it.


P.S. - Did I mention it tastes like HEAVEN??


Anonymous said...

That's too funny! A while back, ok not so long ago, I got something at Starbucks that was Gingerbread something. They were out to the Pumpkin Pie spice somthing that I wanted and said that was comparable. It was really good! I think they still have it, I'll have to check tomorrow, I mean next time I'm in there! ;o) I'll look around for the tea too.

Glenda said...

Hey! Let me send you some for Christmas!! I'm totally on it. Going to get some tomorrow..and you can't stop me :)

The surprise element is gone..but you have something to look forward too!

Dwain said...

For your last entry; I am proud of you too! See how it all worked out, great.

Not into pumpkin to much but thank you any way.

Also my sister Cathy is now reading your blog and loves it. She said you are so interesting. She doesn't leave comments, yet any way.

Anonymous said...

You're too sweet! I'm REALLY looking forward to it! If you get to a starbucks during the holdiays, you should try the one I was telling to about. I'll email you back ASAP! Or, as Seth allows!

Anonymous said...

sounds yummy to me