Thursday, December 21, 2006

I can't think of a title...cause I'm rambling too much

This week has been busy, so I guess that's why I haven't posted? I think it's like that for a lot of people out there though, being so close to Christmas and all.

I still had a few things to send out Monday, AND....


I FINALLY got my NY state driver's license! Yeah..I'm cool.

I don't think I ever went in to it on my blog, but it was a huge ordeal. It started when I went to apply for the job at the Children's Home and it said that I needed a NY driver's license to work there. So then I looked into what needed to be done to just get my license from Missouri transferred over to NY and found out that my license had been suspended LAST SEPTEMBER. I had no idea, because the papers telling me so must have been going to my moms old house.

2004- early 2005 weren't very good years in my driving history, let's just put it that way! I had 2 speeding tickets (or maybe it was 3?) and one ticket for an accident I got in that was my fault. All that put my points over and caused a 30 day suspension, that would have been reinstated in October (2005) if I had known that it had happened.

But I didn't, so I found out over a year later that I had been driving without a valid license. Isn't that peachy?!

So in order to get my license over here I had to wait to be in the clear with Missouri. Basically I just had to send in $20 and a fancy little paper the DMV filled out here that said I was applying to be a legal resident of New York. Then of course a lot of red tape mishaps in between that drew things out a bit.

It's all in the past now though, and I'm totally squared away and LEGAL!! Whoo hoo. Good for me!

I think it's cool that I am now registered to vote in NY, and for the most part have left Missouri behind. My in-laws are there, but as far as my past there, it's nice to have it gone..if even by paper.

Plus, I really do like New York. I haven't found one thing I don't like about it actually. The people are outstanding, the scenery kicks complete ass, and the things to go do and see are endless. Drive 5 hours or less in any direction and you will no doubt find yourself in a very cool place....and seriously, nothing beats that.

In other news, I recently bought a subscription to TIME magazine from some highschool girl that was selling stuff out of a catalog. I didn't want any of the other crap, so for some reason I got the subscription..I think I just wanted to be nice, as she looked a little defeated from lack of sales/response from people. Anyway, early this week I got my first issue, which just happens to be the last issue of the year, so it's got the "Person of The Year" and a whole lot of other recaps.

New's magazines are bad for me though. They get me all riled up and wanting to debate, or I just get bitter and angry. I should have known better is all I can say. I would go into more detail but I don't think I could keep it short, and this is already getting pretty long.

Here's some stats before I go though:

US population in 2006: Just over 300 MILLION

The price the war in Iraq/Afghanistan has cost us so far: Over 500 BILLION

Ummm. Are you saying that technically all 300 MILLION of us could receive a BILLION dollars and STILL we would have 200 BILLION left over if there had been no war in Iraq? (ok ignore this. Tim pointed out that I'm stupid and I should stay away from mathmatics.) * a billion is a thousand million - duh. So, ok..we don't get millions. We could if we didn't give it out to the entire 300 million of us, like say we cut out anyone under 25..cause they need to struggle a little. And who ever else you can think of cutting out so I can get my million damn it...

(I know this isn't economically possible, but still..the numbers totally fuck with my head.)

And then there's the whole "Person Of The Year" thing, but I'll save that for later.

But here's a peek (I can't help myself) - It's "YOU" the internet user. The blogger. The Ebay Seller. The MYSPACE user. The YOU TUBE uploader.

Which at first glance..I thought it was cool enough. They point out, how never before have we been able to communicate and connect with each other so well, and that our opinions on the web are starting to shape the media and advertising, and so on and so forth. Good for us..yada yada yada....

Then they did a page on the 2 guys that started YOU TUBE 21 months ago, and how they just recently sold out to GOOGLE for 1.65 BILLION.

What? These dudes are now billionares? They make billions of dollars from other peoples work? And don't offer a cent in return?

YOU TUBE is cool and all, but here's a REAL billion dollar idea for you:

Someone needs to create a website similar to YOUTUBE, but the new site needs to compensate the users who post their videos on the site. Without them, you'd have nothing, so it only makes sense to me to give back in some way. But YOU TUBE basically takes and ends it there. People don't realize it, but they are being exploited.

If a website was created that compensated, in even the slightest way..all those users would move on from YOU TUBE in a heart beat. As the creator, you'd still have your millions and millions from advertisers that paid to be on your site, you'd just be giving back a little to those that made it possible. YOU TUBE is too cheap and greedy to do this, and that makes me bitter, just because it could be better, and it's not. But oh well. Who am I?

Just a number.


TC said...

I think the math is over $1,000 bucks apiece. ($1666 to be exact) Which is still crazy, I could get like 12 kegs of beer with that scratch.

Glenda said...

What are you talking about? $1666 for what?

TC said...

$500 billion divided by 300 million is $1,666.

Glenda said...

ok my math is backwards. Shutting up now.

Glenda said...

Now I'm embarrassed and feel like an idiot...thanks TC! grr.

Anonymous said...

Not at all on this subject, but do you think you might be able to do another painting similar in design to Java someday? Or maybe two? I was thinking that some long ones on either side would look really cool...just a thought. Thanks Picaso!

Glenda said...

OMG THANK YOU for changing the subject!! hehe

Same color scheme? Same height but not as wide? Just wondering :)

I'm thrilled you like it!!

Anonymous said...

Well, what do you think? Probably I would say the same height, but I don't think different heights would look bad...maybe taller? I don't're the artist!
And I love the color scheme, yes. I LOVE IT!!! Did you get the novel I sent via email?

TC said...

$1, $1,000, $1,000,000,000 what's the difference still too much. The point is there...f*ck the math. Great post!

Glenda said...

Ohh..I totally fucked the worries there. Left it begging for more. ;)

Anyway. I'm going to bed. You've kept me up..and your sending me to bed with a headache. I shall get even!

Anonymous said...

Hey sis, sent you alot of pics of Maz. I have lost everyone's email but yours. My computer at work tottaly crashed on thursday. You are the lucky one. Only had your email address left. So enjoy the pics and share them if you want. Also I agree with Chaney I love your art work. Someday I would like more, pretty please.

love ya-de

Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to say...Glenda is an awesome artist. The art is worth every penny! LOVE IT!