Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Say what?!?

I finally went and bought a sleeping aid my neighbor suggested. It's called "Simply Sleep" and it's made by Tylenol. I took some last night and about an hour later I was ready to hit the sheets....at a decent time!! Whooo hoo!

Trust me, this is huge. Lately my system has been so outta wack it's not EVEN funny. It wanted to be up all night and down all day. Even if I had been up for 24 hours straight and by all rights should have crashed the next night...I still couldn't sleep. Then when I finally passed out I'd wake up 3 hours later and be wide awake. It was a disaster. So then of course..my days were a disaster.

Today was great though...productive too. :)

In other news, it doesn't look like Andrew will even be around a good chow hall for Thanksgiving. He's been tasked out to a few different bases to update their systems, or fix them..I can't remember. I don't even know where he's at right now, which bites. I get nervous when he's flying like that too...ya just never know..but I do try to keep my thoughts positive. It's not always easy though. Anyway, here's hoping he gets a decent meal out there some where.

Oh..I almost forgot. My cell phone company seems to have cut me off. The no good bastards. I was under the impression I paid them a few weeks ago (online) but apparently I didn't? I never thought twice about it until today when I went to make a call and it brought me straight to Verizon Wireless...which is weird because I use Altell. It would let me make a call, but mentioned it would cost $2.99 a min. Haha. Yeah, that's going to happen! I can't get into my voice mail or anything, it's really weird. They didn't text or mail any notices or anything, and technically it's only 2 weeks late...which isn't good, but damn! Just cut me off? No mercy.

I'm not tripping though..I've been thinking about switching carriers. I just think it's shitty to not even let me know what was going on..I've been a customer for around 4 years now. Hopefully it's what I think it is though, because today I signed up for new servic, which is cheaper, AND I got 3 lines.

Your not going to believe it, but one of the free phones is for Taylor for Christmas! I know, I know..but just the other day I was at the PX with my neighbor and I pointed out a $60 text messenger they have out there for the kids...it comes with 2 "phones" so that they can give one to a friend and then text each other all they want back and forth. I mentioned that Taylor wanted one of them and my neighbor looked at it unimpressed and said " Why don't you just get her a cell phone?" then I said "Because Andrew would kill me" hehe. Her daughter, who's the same age as Taylor, has one and uses it on occasion. Originally she bought it for her so that when she went out with another friend she had, it was easy to call her and vica-versa.

Anyway, it got me thinking about it a little bit, and then this shit happened with my phone, so I just went with it. Taylor will have a COW Christmas morning when she finds out. She's asked for one for at least 2 years now, and I've always looked at her like she was crazy..because until this point I would have never fathomed she'd have one before 15...at the earliest.

I'm rationalizing it though, because it doesn't cost me a dime extra since I can have up to 3 lines for a flat rate. Plus, I'll be a phone Nazi..she won't be chatting it up very often. Family can call her directly too, so that will be very cool in her eyes.

Hopefully Andrew doesn't kill me. The girls will play when daddies away.. hehe.


It could be a lot worse, no?

I am probably due for a severe ass kicking when he gets home, but that's ok...I can handle it ;)

I don't have any of the phone numbers yet, but when I get them in the mail later this week, I will send out an email to the people who need to know.

Hey, maybe with a new phone & new provider, my phone habits will improve!! I will have to make an effort to answer it more often, and call people more often. Phones aren't near as scary as I make them out to be..I have to keep telling myself this!


deawn said...

That's cool sis. I bet taylor will be so happy. Goodness you better get a picture of that when she see it. I so want to see that face. Well I hope to get a email when you get the number. So I can call you. Who is the carrier? Just wondering cause I have T-mobile and I can call who ever with them for free. well have a happy Turkey day. Love ya-de

Dwain said...

I think thats cool also. But I have Cingular and can call any one with the same for free too. so now there is two wondering who your carrier is.

Gald you were able to find somehing to help you sleep. Barb and I were taking about it last night. I use to have the some problem.

love you

Glenda said...

Unfortunatly it's neither one of those carriers, I went through Verizon Wireless. Nights start at 7pm though which should be 6pm your time, so that's cool.

And yes..I will definitely get picks of her when she see's that present!! :)

poody said...

Hey Glanda hope you had a good Thanksgiving.I had my phone turned off once with AT&T. I was switching over to Cingular and when I sent money in to pay off the old AT&T bill it went into the Cingular account. So I had overpayment of like 300 dollars to Cingular and AT&T had no payment. It took 3 weeks to sort it all out. WHAT A HASSLE.
I know Andrew reads this when he can so if you are reading this Andrew I want to thank you for working so hard to allow me to be able to enjoy the holidays. I appreciate you and want you to know that every day I say a little prayer for you and all the servicemen away from home on hostile land. Keep safe and get home soon to your lovely family. God bless !