Thursday, November 23, 2006

Comic Relief 2006

Happy late Thanksgiving everyone! I was pretty depressed as the day began, but it has ended on a wonderful note, and for that I am grateful.

I watched the Comic Relief special on HBO tonight and laughed my ass off to most of it. As always, Dane Cook totally had me cracking up. It feels good to laugh sometimes, ya know?

This year Comic Relief's mission is to help rebuild New Orleans and I fully support the cause. I don't care what anyone says, there is too much history and culture there to simply abandon it, for fear of it getting flooded again. We need to build better and stronger homes, and invest more time, energy and money into building a stronger levy.

Here are some quick facts for you:

- Approximate percentage of homes in New Orleans still lacking electricity 83 - Percentage of New Orleans schools damaged by Katrina

1/3 - Amount of debris yet to be picked up

49 - Percentage of bus routes now operational

17 - Percentage of buses back in service

$44,800,000 - Amount given to Louisiana by U.S. Dept. of Education for charter schools since Katrina

$0 - Amount given for traditional public schools damaged by the storm

100 - Number of destroyed miles on U.S. Highway 90 running along Gulf Coast between New Orleans and Pascagoula, MS

Ultimately, there are so many reasons to support this cause, and that's what I did tonight. I even got a free T-shirt out of it! More than that though, I have the satisfaction of knowing I did my small as it may have been, I cared enough to give something.

I know Christmas is fast approaching, and wallets get tighter as the days progress, but I urge you to consider cutting back on a present or two and instead give a little money to this cause.

This season is about giving, but a lot of the times we get caught up in buying useless presents for people that half the time they don't use, and never needed.

So I say..

Give to a cause that you know needs your help.

Give to the elderly that lost their homes,

The children who lost their schools,

The pets that lost their owners...

Do your part, no matter how small, to bring back this soulful city that is part of our nations history, and should stay a part of our nations FUTURE.

Visit http://www.comicrelief.orgto learn more, and to donate.

And remember, it gives back!


$30-$59 you get a t-shirt

$60-$99 and you get a t-shirt + sweatshirt

$100 or more and you get a t-shirt, sweatshirt, and a "20th Anniversary DVD"

It's a winning situation however you look at it :)


Anonymous said...

Good for you Glenda! I recently adopted a child to sponser in another country through WorldVision. Pretty neat deal. Damon wasn't so thrilled though, at first. After he researched the organization and found out that 87 percent goes to the child, he was ok. And when Katrina hit, we pooled our efforts and money to send a car FULL of water, bottles, formula, diapers, etc. to the victims. I think I'll look more into your suggestion though. Like you said every bit helps. I would also like to start giving to St. Jude, it does such great things for kids. And we all know if it was our child, we would want all the help we could get. Hope Thanksgiving went well for you. Cheer up, Andrew will be home soon!
Love, Chaney

Dwain said...

Good to laugh. You were missed this year here believe me. I am always wondering about donating money to these things. Like how much of it really goes to the people that need it. I will check out the site and let you know later.

love you.