Sunday, November 19, 2006


Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I just haven't been in the "mood" to the past few days.

On to more exciting things!

OK, it's not exciting to most people, but I wanted to share anyway. Recently I've been using Opera for my browser and I've been seriously impressed. Usually I prefer Firefox, but for some reason when I downloaded the new version it put up a Yahoo toolbar that I couldn't get rid of no matter how hard I tried. Every time I closed it out and went to bring it back up it would always reappear. Anyways...I LOATHE unneeded toolbars. I cringe when I see peoples browsers so full of toolbars that cut into their viewing space of the web page they are looking at. Especially when I find out that they don't even use the tool bars! I like my browser clean, organized, and efficient.

I took some screen shots to explain a few things I like about it..

(I had to divide the pic in half to make sure it would fit on my page)

Notice the "New Tab" circled in RED - this allows you to bring up consecutive web pages in the same browser window. Unlike, Explorer which pulls up a whole new window each time you want to view a different page. In this picture you can see I have a 'AOL' tab and my blog as a tab, while I am actually on my Tripod page. It makes it so I can easily click between pages if I need too. Very useful if I'm working on a template or something.

Also notice the BLUE STAR - this is known as the "Magic Wand" which stores passwords for you. You store your password once, and then the next time you visit the same page you see the wand light up with stars. One click on it and it logs you in and does all the foot work for you!

The PINK TRIANGLES are links that I have dragged over from my address bar. If you drag and click on the icon of the page your viewing, and drop it too the left, it will leave a little icon of the page you were viewing. Some of mine are, AOL, My Blog, Sitemeter, Myspace..etc..etc... It's nice because usually when you drag a link over it is in Text, and depending on the description of the site, it can be a WHOLE lot of text, and then you have to go in and edit it...which is a pain.

Now in this next picture you see my address bar, and in this instance I have clicked on it. When you click inside the window (where it says it will bring up a sub-window that keeps track of your 'Top 10' pages viewed when you click on the arrow, which I love. There you also find a icon to click on to go back to your homepage, all of your bookmarks, and more space to drag links.

Anyway, these are just a few things I like about this browser. If you give it a try, make sure and click click on "Tools" on the top of the toolbar and go into "Preferences" - there you can find all sorts of stuff to customize your experience. For example, the default setting is to automatically bring up your last viewed page when you first bring up your browser. You can change this to bring up your homepage every time instead. (which most people like better)

Go here if you want to download it! And if you do, let me know if you like it..or even what you don't like about it :)


poody said...

I am so not a computer person and I have the toolbar from Yahoo I can't get rid of too.

TC said...

Uninstall Firefox, then do a custom install instead of typical. One of the options should be to check (default) or uncheck the Yahoo toolbar. But Opera looks cool too.

Liz said...

I can not stand computer clutter. When I see people's desk tops with a bunch of files all over it and not even in straight lines I roll my eyes. I can only imagine their homes look the same way.

Dwain said...

I want to check this out but I'm scared I'll mess up my puter and you ain't here to fix it. :(

Glenda said...

I can't think of any way it would mess up your computer. Worse case is you don't like it and then you uninstall harm no foul. :)