Friday, October 20, 2006

Ist Snow

The snow is coming down hard over here! If it doesn't stop before too long, we are going to get buried!

I took some quick pics of the grass, and by the time I got in and uploaded them and looked back out..the grass was completly covered. I also tried to take some pics of the same branches as I did last show the contrast of only a weeks time. They came out ok but not as good as they could have because it's snowing so heavy out there.

Anyway, check out these pics, and as always if you want to see more, go to my photo album!


Darla said...

no way... did it really.. Well that is cool.. I love snow nice pictures

Darla said...

Hey I went and looked at the pictures and they are great you have a talent.. loved them Girls are very pretty :)

deawn said...

I miss you!!!!!!!! Wish you were here today for the party. Love ya sis!!

deawn said...

Hey sis I posted on my blog and please don't take it personal has nothing to do with you. Dwain just made me upset this weekend. Love ya hope you don't get mad!!